5 Star Social Facility for Denizli Ski Center

Yıldızli Social Facility to Denizli Ski Center
5 Star Social Facility for Denizli Ski Center

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality brought the social facility that it started in Denizli Ski Center, which is the second white paradise of the city after Pamukkale, to the completion stage. Mayor Zolan, who examined the facility that will serve in the new season, said, "Our ski center will provide more comfortable service to our guests this winter."

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan examined the construction of the new social facility, which was brought to the completion stage in Denizli Ski Center, which he realized with the aim of benefiting more from alternative tourism resources of the city. Mayor Zolan was accompanied by Mayor of Tavas Hüseyin İnamlık, Deputy Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality Ali Aydın, Head of Science Department Nuriye Çevni and their entourage. Visiting the new 4-storey social facility, which was started to be built in order to meet the increasing needs in Denizli Ski Center, which welcomes ski lovers from Turkey and abroad, especially Denizli and Aegean, every year, Mayor Zolan heralded that the facility will serve next winter. to Denizli kazanStating that the ski center they have built has attracted great interest since the first day it was put into service, Mayor Zolan said, “Also, this is the ski center of the Aegean. There were also intense visits from our neighboring provinces," he said.

Snow quality is very high

Stating that the snow quality in the facility is at a very high level and they receive a very positive reaction from the ski lovers, Mayor Zolan stated that the demand for the ski resort increases every year, and therefore the social facility they built before becomes inadequate, adding: A social facility had to be built. We started to work for our new social facility and a very nice project emerged. Thankfully, we have come to the end of the construction with a lot of hard work. I hope we will host ski lovers here next winter, in the new ski season. We will host our guests comfortably. I wish that our social facility will be beneficial and auspicious in advance," he said.

“We are increasing the quality of service day by day”

Reminding that Denizli Ski Center solved the road problem with intense work last summer, and that they provided transportation safety and comfort by laying steel barriers on the risky points on the route where they laid hot asphalt, Mayor Zolan said: “Now, we are increasing this comfort with our new social facility. Our people will meet all their needs such as eating, drinking and resting here. Our ski center will provide more comfortable service to our guests this winter. I would like to thank our guests who have visited our ski center so far. Hopefully, Denizli Ski Center will serve our people in a different beauty and comfort in the new season. Having a ski center in the Aegean is a very extreme point. We built this ski center by forcing all the possibilities. We are increasing the quality of service day by day.”

Denizli Ski Resort

Denizli Ski Center is located in Bozdağ, at an altitude of 75 thousand 2 meters, within the borders of Nikfer District of Tavas district, 420 km from the city center. The facility, which provides world-class service, has 13 tracks with a total length of 9 kilometers. There are 2 chairlifts, 500 teleski and walking belt with a capacity to carry 2 people per hour in the facility, which has all kinds of opportunities and tracks sought by amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders. Denizli Ski Center provides great advantages for skiing and snowboarding with its topographic structure and Alpine snow quality.

What are the new social facility features?

The daily facility, which sits on an area of ​​1350 m2, consists of 4 floors, including the basement, ground, first and mezzanine floors, and the total floor area is 3850 m2. There are entrances to the building from the basement, ground floor and 1st floor. There are technical volumes, shelter, warehouses, baby care room and male/female prayer rooms on the basement floor. Its circulation between floors is provided by two stairs and elevators. It can be entered from both sides of the building on the ground floor. Intensive use areas such as ski rental (600m2), changing rooms, male/female toilets and an infirmary are located on this floor. On the first floor of the building, there is a 140 m2 entrance terrace overlooking the ski lifts and a 600 m2 cafeteria with a balcony. These open areas, where the cafeteria will serve, are sheltered spaces under the roof form of the building. At the same time, there is a 180 m2 wide kitchen that will serve the cafeteria on this floor. The cafeteria space, in which it is located on the mezzanine floor, consists of a variable roof wall form with a height of 5 m and 12 m, and it is important to feel the outside view inside, with the wide windows opened in the building envelope. On the mezzanine floor, which is the last floor of the building, there are 3 children's playgrounds of different sizes and toilets that allow less use. The children's playground of 600 square meters can see the inside of the cafeteria. It was aimed to create different experiential spaces within the spaces by making 2 fireplace corners in the cafeteria and children's playground. Titanium roof/facade coating is used in the building envelope, which consists of a roof slope of approximately 2%, to increase the durability of the structure against harsh climatic conditions and to provide a visual richness. kazanhas been raised. Snow traps have been made at many points of the roof and electrical lines have been laid under the outer floor slab to prevent users from slipping and snow freezing at the building entrances.

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