Turkish Statistical Institute to Recruit 19 Contracted Personnel

Turkish Statistical Institute to Recruit Contracted Personnel
Turkish Statistical Institute to Recruit 19 Contracted Personnel

Appendix 657 of the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel, which was put into effect with the paragraph (B) of Article 4 of the Law on Civil Servants No. 6 and the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 6/1978/7 and numbered 15754/2, to be employed in the central and provincial units of the Presidency of the Turkish Statistical Institute. 2020 (two) Protection and Security Officers and 2 (seventeen) Support Personnel (Cleaning Officers), based on the 17 KPSS (B) group score ranking, in accordance with subparagraph (b) of the first paragraph of the article, without any written and oral exams. ) a total of 19 (nineteen) Contracted Personnel will be recruited.

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Turkish Statistical Institute to Recruit Contracted Personnel

a) To fulfill the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) To have the qualifications required for the position to be preferred,

c) To have taken the 2020 KPSS (B) group exam. KPSS P93 score for associate degree level and KPSS P94 score for secondary education level will be taken as basis. The KPSS score of the candidates must be in accordance with the KPSS score type of the advertisement applied.

d) Not to have completed the age of thirty as of the first day of January of the year in which the last application was made, (Those born on 01.01.1992 and later can apply.)

e) Not to have been dismissed from duty or profession while working in any public institution,

f) Not working as a 4/B contracted personnel in any public institution and organization,

g) The status of the applicants; “If the contracted personnel are terminated by their institutions due to the violation of the principles of the service contract, or if they unilaterally terminate the contract within the contract period, excluding the exceptions determined by the Council of Ministers Decision, they cannot be employed in the contract personnel positions of the institutions until 1 (one) year has passed from the date of termination.” comply with the provision.

Candidates can submit their applications electronically via e-Government between 03/08/2022 -12/08/2022 via the "Turkish Statistical Institute - Career Gate Public Recruitment" service or "Career Gate" (isealimkariyerkapisi.cbiko.gov.tr). will do in the environment. The applications of the candidates whose qualifications are not made in due time and the applications made by fax, in person or by mail will not be processed.

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