TCDD Will Recruit 5 Former Convicted Train Workers

TCDD Will Recruit Ex-Convicted Train Establishment Worker
TCDD Will Recruit 5 Former Convicted Train Workers

General Directorate of TCDD Plant 1 to Kabakça Station Chief within the borders of Istanbul, 1 to Sinekli Station Chief workplaces, 1 to Kemalpaşa TMI Station Chief located within the borders of İzmir, 1 to Emiralem Station Chief's workplaces and 1 to Dumlupınar Station Chief located within the provincial borders of Kütahya, a total of 5 Ex-Convict Trains. He will be hired as a Staff Worker.

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The issues that candidates should know, the required documents, health conditions and school departments are listed below.

Within the scope of public job postings, TCDD permanent public worker recruitment new advertisement was published. The Republic of Turkey state railways, which has announced that it will recruit 5 permanent public workers, stated that it will recruit personnel between 9-15 August. Read our news to apply for the specified quotas.

For the candidates who want to apply, the title to be recruited is determined as ex-convict train construction worker in a quota of 5 people, and the recruitment will be made for one person for Kemalpaşa chief, one for Emir alem station chief, and one for Dumlupınar station chief in Kütahya province borders.

I am opening the candidates who will apply. Applications can be made with the İŞKUR announcements to be published on August 9, 2022. Applications made by different means will not be accepted.

Candidates will be able to apply between August 9 and August 15, as stated on the title.

The application conditions are to be under the age of 35, to be able to work in the job for 5 years without requesting any transfer, to not have been fired or resigned in the last 7 years, to be able to work in shifts, and finally to not have any problems that may prevent them from performing their duties continuously. will be purchased.

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