Second Kent Restaurant and Mahmutbey Fire Station Opened in Bağcılar

Bagcilar Second City Restaurant and Mahmutbey Fire Station Opened
Second Kent Restaurant and Mahmutbey Fire Station Opened in Bağcılar

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluopened the second Kent Restaurant in Bağcılar, followed by the Mahmutbey Fire Station, which will serve approximately 3 thousand people living in 10 districts and 450 neighborhoods. Sharing the information that they will open dormitories for boys and girls in Bağcılar soon, İmamoğlu said, “We cannot be one of those who say 'The economy is not managed well, this is the problem of the government' and step aside. We set out with the means at our disposal, saying, 'We must do something to overcome today's difficult conditions,'" he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, within the scope of the “150 Projects in 150 Days” marathon, opened 2 facilities in Bağcılar. Imamoglu; He opened the “Kent Lokantası” in the Çınar District and the “Mahmutbey Fire Station” in the Göztepe District. Opening the second Kent Restaurant in Bağcılar after the first branch in Çapa, which was put into service on 17 June, İmamoğlu met the all-female staff and gave the young people the first customers of the facility; distributed the menu consisting of lentil soup, sour meatballs, pasta, peaches, bread and water. İmamoğlu also made his assessments on the subject among the young people at their tables. Stating that Bağcılar Kent Lokantası will serve 700 people a day, İmamoğlu noted that they will increase the number of similar facilities to 10 by the end of the year.


Saying, "The main reason here is this," İmamoğlu said, "Today, economic conditions, difficulties, the economic process that is unfortunately not well managed, exchange rates, costs, and the fact that people's wages are unfortunately not at a sufficient level affect every family and every individual. Here, we see the most basic, we feel affected and we think that we should be by your side; to provide services to our fellow students, especially our students, as you can see here, and to our workers and laborers who work for very low wages. And are we committed to it? This is today's problem, today's topic; this must be overcome. We cannot be one of those who say, 'The economy is not well managed, this is the government's problem' and step aside. We set out with the means at our disposal, saying, 'We must do something to overcome today's difficult conditions,'" he said.


Saying, “Today, if mothers with children aged 0-4 can travel with their children, it is free of charge, believe me, it is the answer to the needs of this period,” said İmamoğlu.

“Or if we are delivering milk to their homes, because our children need it today. Today's need if we have to support 1,5 million households. We wish and wish that; May our children, youth and families not have such needs in our prospering country, in our prospering cities. When not, we use and evaluate such fields with other functions. I hope we will catch the days together when we can catch that richness quickly. In my opinion, the deepest assurance on the basis of that prospering society is our youth here. Thanks to them, we can achieve this. The blessing of this country is enough for this, its abundance is enough, its people are enough; believe it enough. If we are able to deliver the processes to our nation's own knowledge and skills, if we can define the common mind and process in this way, we have the chance to become a much different city, a much different country and nation. We will make it. I believe so wholeheartedly.”


Sharing the information that the Kent Restaurant they opened in Çapa served approximately 1,5 thousand people in a period of approximately 30 months, İmamoğlu said, “So this is a need. We think that this place will achieve the same figure. There is talk: Will our shopkeepers complain about this? Here, there is a kind of table like a kind of soup, a kind of food, a kind of pasta. So besides that, there is no 'Give this too, give that too'. Believe me, the customer of such an environment is different. Or the person who will come to this is different. I am a person who has done these things. It's a shame to say, I had a place in maybe 10-15 points in Istanbul. This kind of place is different. They have a place in our heads. But none of our tradesmen's blessings or their kazanthey don't cause any problems with sin. In the future, I hope we will not talk about the processes for such needs.”


Expressing that they will open dormitories for boys and girls in Bağcılar soon, İmamoğlu said, “We have a lot of services. Today we will open a fire station again in Bağcılar. I hope that; Apart from the feelings of Bağcılar that have been talked about in the past, we have a district that serves the satisfaction and happiness of its citizens to Istanbul and the whole country, with its more beautiful energy, with its events and meetings in Bağcılar Square that we have just opened. Once we achieve it, we won't have a problem anyway. I would like to express my satisfaction that the young people hosted me at their tables.” A healthy menu consisting of 4 dishes, carefully prepared by experienced chefs, will be served in table d'hote style at a price of 29 TL, in the hygienic kitchens of the İBB Logistics Support Center every day at Bağcılar Kent Lokantası. Here, as in Çapa, female employees will be employed. Bağcılar Kent Lokantası has the capacity to host 10 guests at the same time and 80 guests on a daily basis, with a staff of 700.


The second address of İmamoğlu in Bağcılar, who had lunch with the youth, was the opening ceremony for the Mahmutbey Fire Station. İmamoğlu made a speech at the ceremony attended by CHP deputies Zeynel Emre and Emine Gülizar Emecan. Stating that fire is one of the disasters that need to be taken beforehand, İmamoğlu said, “If you take precautions beforehand, you both shorten the process there and stay away from such troublesome moments. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to these brave-hearted firefighter friends and fellow travelers, who put forth their struggle on the front line, putting forth great effort, often forgetting about their safety and their lives.” Stating that the station they put into service will serve 6 thousand people living in 16 districts and 3 neighborhoods with 10 vehicles and 450 personnel, İmamoğlu shared the information that this way, possible fires in the region will be intervened in an average of 6 minutes under normal conditions.


Expressing that there are not enough approvals for the needs of fire brigade and police personnel, İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul is looking at an active and active population of close to 20 million, and when we look at the number of firefighters in this city, it is very insufficient. Because what we call the fire brigade is our most effective power when we are faced with a fire at any time and big disasters at any time. We must grow such a power. In this sense, we want to expand the permanent firefighter position. We had demands. Some have been approved. We bought them. We have a female and a male client with me. In the back you can see young women and men. All; By Allah, neither is my aunt's son, my uncle's son, my uncle's son or my aunt's daughter, my uncle's daughter, my uncle's daughter, of course. But within this institution that came here on merit, they are now all my corporate relatives. They are all my fellow countrymen, people who will put their lives on the line. I say let them have their way open," he said.


Saying, “I am calling for us to overcome the narrowing of state staff,” İmamoğlu said, “But it is such a nice thing for us that the permit processes, which we request from the Ministry of Urbanization and sometimes through the Assembly, to be recruited from some specialized staff, especially the firefighters, but the municipal police, are executed quickly. It is conducive to the participation of our brilliant brothers and friends. We demand this, too. It is one of our institutions that should really be cherished. May Allah grant these institutions many more centuries. We are the members of a noble, ancient city. We represent thousands of years. It includes an effort to represent today well, to show our loyalty to yesterday and to pay our debt to tomorrow already.”


Speaking at the ceremony, IMM Deputy Secretary General Murat Yazıcı said, “Our biggest motivation for opening Mahmutbey Station was to shorten our response to firefighting incidents. Because this is our station; It is the meeting point of Bahçelievler, Bağcılar and Başakşehir fire brigades. Considering that the Istanbul Fire Brigade's response to the events took an average of 6 minutes and 26 seconds, our arrival time at this location was well above the average due to the population and traffic density. The time between Bağcılar station and Mahmutbey station is 12 minutes. The distance to Başakşehir Station was 16 minutes and the distance to Bahçelievler Station was 20 minutes. The establishment of our new station will eliminate this waste of time in the most basic sense in responding to incidents. With the ribbon cut after the speeches, Mahmutbey Fire Station was put into service.

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