Bostanlı Skating Rink The New Favorite of Youth

Bostanli Skating Rink The New Favorite of Young People
Bostanlı Skating Rink The New Favorite of Youth

The skating rink built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the Bostanlı Recreation Area has become one of the indispensable places for young people who love sports and excitement. The track, where young people perform acrobatic movements with their skateboards and bicycles, offers the opportunity to capture beautiful shots, especially at sunset, for photography enthusiasts.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka'or kazanBostanlı Recreation Area has become the new meeting point of sports-loving youth. Especially at sunset, the young people fill the track with their skateboards, bicycles and scooters and make exciting shows. When those who take a walk on the beach participate in the competitions among the young people, pleasant hours are experienced. While the young people exhibit beautiful movements reflected in the photographic frames, they also have a pleasant time doing sports. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality regularly maintains the skating rink, which is used intensively.

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