What is a Date Detox? How is it applied?

What is Date Detox and How to Apply
What is Date Detox and How to Apply

Dietitian Tuğçe Sert gave information about the subject. The preparation of the date detox, which will help you lose 2-4 kilos per week, is just as easy. The helpful detox program for those who want a quick recovery after a getaway gives surprising results when applied for 1 or 2 days. Date, which is a miraculous food, is among the fruits with high fiber, so it will keep you full all day long and will allow you to diet easily.

Why Do We Use Dates?

As we know in ancient teachings, it is possible to live for years only on dates and water. The fact that nature offers us such a nutritious and high-fiber food makes our work a little easier while dieting. Because the feeling of hunger, which is constantly felt when we just start dieting, can be suppressed with a nutritious and high-fiber food such as dates.

At the same time, it will meet most of the daily needs of a person who is on a diet with the protein, fat, sugar and minerals in it. Dates, which are also rich in vitamins, contain vitamins C, B1, B2, A and niacin.

What Are the Benefits of Dates?

According to recent studies, they have observed that individuals who eat high-fiber foods are also less likely to develop colon, uterine and breast cancers. In addition, the low incidence of heart disease and cancer in Arab populations whose meals consist of dates is also supportive of this research.

It is also among the studies that dates have a softening effect on blood vessels. Thus, individuals with atherosclerosis and cholesterol complaints are recommended to consume after consulting their doctor.

Has High Antioxidant Ratio

Nutritional values ​​aside, dates contribute to our immune system as a powerful source of antioxidants. In addition to many fruits that are susceptible to spoilage when stored, dates are known to increase their antioxidant value when stored in a cold environment. Thus, it is inevitable that it plays an effective role in cell regeneration, and together with the vitamin B it contains, it plays a reparative role in skin irritation and injuries.

Can Diabetes Patients Eat Dates?

According to the research conducted by the United Arab Emirates University on 2011 different dates that are widely sold in the market in 5, they decided that dates have a low glycemic index. To explain further, they observed that it causes low levels of fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin rates.

Date is also a rare fruit that can regulate blood sugar. The fructose sugar contained in it provides a high amount of energy and heat energy to the individual. kazanDiran is also a type of sugar that can be easily broken down and used. Thus, it is a heart, eye and kidney friendly fruit by not raising blood sugar rapidly.

Date Detox Recipe
It should not be forgotten that our aim here is to surprise our body and to get rid of edema a few days before starting the diet and adapt to an easy transition process.

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee with milk + 2 dates + 2 whole walnuts
Noon: 1 bowl of yogurt + 2 dates
Snack: 2 finger thick cheese + 2 wasa or formmemek
Evening: 1 bowl of yogurt + 2 dates

Important Reminders

  • Pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Those with hypoglycemia do not.
  • It should not be done for more than 2 days.

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