Take Urgent Steps for Credit Cards Debt Restructuring

Take Urgent Step for Credit Cards Debt Structuring
Take Urgent Steps for Credit Cards Debt Restructuring

CHP Sözcüsü Öztrak stated that bad smells rose to the top in the rotting Erdoğan's one-man Palace Regime, and said, “There is something rotting in Turkey, too. They cling to pressure and lies to cover up the mess. "Those who avoid being held accountable to the nation by oppression and lies are accelerating corruption and corruption," he said.

Evaluating Erdogan's statement that he would personally monitor the work at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and convey information to Russian President Putin, Öztrak said, "Since when has Erdogan been Putin's construction site chief? What kind of words are these? What is it like to jump to the construction site to understand what's going on in Akkuyu, and call Putin from there and report the latest status of the construction site? For God's sake! Take a look at the situation where the office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey was demoted”.

Drawing attention to the increase in the credit and credit cards of the citizens and the increasing enforcement files, Öztrak said, “We are making a call here. You know how to structure your supporters' credit debt and tax debt. Take urgent steps to restructure the bank debts of our citizens. At least spread the maturity of the debt, ease the interest burden. Don't let the debt you put on the back of the nation get heavier. If you don't, we will do it in a few months," he said.

CHP Deputy Chairman and Party SözcüSü Faik Öztrak said the following at the press conference he held at the Headquarters today:

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Corruption and corruption are inevitable in palace regimes where power is concentrated in one hand. “There is something rotting in the Kingdom of Denmark.” Here is this famous tirade from Shakespeare's Hamlet; It carries the corruption and corruption in the palace regimes from ages past to today. The name of the remedy that humanity's centuries-long struggle for freedom has found to this decay is "Democracy and the State of Law". In democracies, there is no place for Palaces. Because while the palaces degenerate and rot along with their contents, they also rot the society. Democracy is the name of the regimes that prevent this corruption and balance and control the power.


Unfortunately, today, “There is something rotten in Turkey too.” The one-man Palace Regime of decaying Erdogan. This rotting and rotten regime has pus flowing all over it. Bad smells rise to the throne. It poisons the air of our beautiful country. They cling to pressure and lies to cover up the mess. Those who avoid being held accountable to the nation by oppression and lies are accelerating corruption and corruption. In the hands of this rotten administration, arrogance turns into the only political capital. We saw the most recent example of this in Erdogan's return to Sochi. Erdogan has been in power for 20 years. He has been running the business by himself for 4 years, dressed as the palace regime he had put on him. A fire breaks out in Balıklı Greek Hospital. your palace sözcüHe says that he is waiting for instructions from Erdogan so that the nation can intervene in the fire without getting bored. Since when did the fire department of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality come under Erdogan's command?


But when it comes to stealing KPSS questions, Saray and Erdogan are not responsible. Who is responsible? Our President and the Six Tables, who brought the issue to the agenda and supported our youth. Pleasures to the Palace, complaints to the Table of Six. They cause a shortage of foreign currency in the country, they accuse the industrialist by saying "Stockist". They wake up the monster of inflation out of the blue, and they accuse the nation by saying "Thank God". They make KPSS questions ring, they accuse the opposition by saying "Table of Six". What shall we say; “When the cheeky is strong, he tries to blame the righteous.” This is exactly what Saray and its affiliates have done. In fact, stealing KPSS exam questions has once again revealed the terrible corruption in the Saray regime. If the cries of our youth had not risen from social media, if the pressure of the nation had not brought this disgrace to the point where it could not be covered up, Erdogan would have done what he did in the past. With the stolen questions, he would let the rights and laws of hundreds of thousands of our children be defeated.


As the Parliamentary Group of the Republican People's Party, we have submitted 2009 proposals since 20 to investigate the irregularities in the examinations in ÖSYM and ÖSYM. In all of them, Erdogan slept on his ear. He handed over the OSYM, just as he handed over the country's military, courthouse, and property to FETO. Instead of merit, he said sect and loyalty. He didn't listen to our warnings. Who did time justify? Of course we are not happy, but he proved us right. Now, just before the election, when he was caught red-handed once again, Erdoğan appointed the State Inspection Board to control the damage. Then he had to cancel this exam. They played with the dreams and hopes of millions of our young people. They stole the labor of millions of families. But they still continue to call the Palace loyalty and sect instead of merit. They never learn from their mistakes. Erdogan insists on his mistake. If an error happens once, it is an error. If repeated, this is now a preference. Erdogan's choice is also clear. Looking for the wrong place in the wrong place is the biggest mistake. The culprit of this exam scandal is the Rotten Palace Regime. Our nation knows this very well. It is waiting impatiently for the ballot box to do what is necessary and to hold Erdoğan accountable for this.


In rotten palace regimes, things are carried out in dark corridors, behind closed doors. To whom the tenders will be given, whose works have been tendered, whose works will be taken away from them, all are decided in the dark halls of the palace. In the Palace Regimes, as well as in interstate relations, dimness, not transparency, is dominant. Family members move to state protocol. Bilateral meetings are not attended by state officials, but by specially selected translators whose loyalty is not in doubt, close to the family. What was said, what was promised in the negotiations, it is undesirable to enter the state records. That's right, "words fly, writing remains." One day, these written records will come out and become evidence. Erdogan went to Sochi again for a one-on-one meeting with Putin. For some reason, after the meeting, both Erdogan and Putin did not answer the questions in front of the cameras. The Russians claim that this demand came from Erdogan. Maybe if Erdogan and Putin answered the questions side by side, we would have a better understanding of what is going on at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, how the Russians can fire the Turkish company. But it seems that Erdogan did not allow this. Instead, Erdogan in his flying palace made a speech that passed the Palace filter to the so-called journalists he had gathered, saying you, me, our children. But now the decay is so terrible that the filter doesn't save miles.


Erdoğan: “I will personally follow the works in Akkuyu with my delegation. After that, I will convey the current situation there to Mr. Putin.” I'm asking here, since when did Erdogan become Putin's construction site manager? What kind of words are these? In order to understand what is happening in Akkuyu, what is it like to jump to the construction site, call Putin from there and report the latest status of the construction site? For God's sake! Take a look at the situation in which the office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey was demoted. Erdogan was going to the construction site to find out what was going on in Akkuyu in his homeland. Why? Because the power plant is not ours, it's the Russians. I underline once again. The power plant is Russia's, not Turkey's. Who owns the electricity to be produced at the power plant? It's Russia too. Turkey is the only customer of the electricity to be produced in Akkuyu. And a customer who has to pay an exorbitant price of 15 cents excluding VAT for 12,35 years for the kilowatt-hour of electricity… We have done joint projects with the Russians before. We built important industrial facilities such as Aliağa Refinery and İskenderun iron and steel together with the Russians. In the most difficult times of the cold war. But we never gave the keys to these facilities to the Russians, the keys remained in Turkey. But the key to Akkuyu is not in Turkey. The key is in the Russians…


We are not saying this. This agreement signed by Erdogan says. If you hand over the key to the Russians, you will have to jump and go to the construction site in order to find out what is going on in Akkuyu. The sons of this country declared to seven heifers, exactly 103 years ago, that they would not accept any mandate or patronage. We tore up the capitulations 99 years ago with the Treaty of Lausanne. We remind Erdoğan: If there are some things that you take secretly, with the understanding that whatever happens, so that a few billion dollars will come from Russia before the election, and Russian cyber teams will support the Palace in the elections, one day will come before you. Again, as Shakespeare said in his famous Hamlet: “Even if bad deeds are buried, they will appear in the eyes of the people one day.”


The bills that this rotten palace regime has inflicted on our nation are getting heavier day by day. Authority comes with responsibility. But they have authority. They have no responsibilities. You will say “interest is the cause, inflation is the result” and change the Central Bank Presidents one after the other and then lower the interest rate and increase it. After that, you will come out and say that we are not responsible, it is the outside. Energy prices were increasing in the world, so the prices in our country were also like this. Here, in countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), energy inflation is 41 percent on average, while we are 172 percent. We experience inflation 4-5 times the world. It's not that, that, that, that's because of this rotten administration. As the Minister of Nabati said; “The Erdogan Effect.” Again, food prices in the world have been falling rapidly for the last four months, from where they started after the Russia-Ukraine War. Ships full of grain pass through the straits. But our nation still does not have a cheap bite. Annual food inflation in the world is 13 percent, 95 percent in our country. It is 7 times the world's. If we are experiencing such food inflation, while food prices are falling in the world, it still continues to rise like a rocket in our country, it is because of external forces, not these, but the corruption in the palace administration. Erdogan effect.


Summer has come and gone, tomatoes are still on the counters with price tags of 15-20 liras. If you say fruit, it has become a luxury, our people forgot meat. There has been a lot of ridicule in the media for a week because the Meat and Dairy Institution has discounted some sheep meat. How many stores does the Meat and Dairy Authority have throughout Turkey? The ball, the ball 18. So folks can access cheap meat? What a journey… The queues are getting longer and longer just in front of these 18 stores. In the minced meat, it ends before noon. But if you look at the noise made, you would think that the prices of meat in the bazaar, in the market, in the market have fallen extraordinarily, and people are choking on meat. Those who cannot manage the country are trying to manage perception again. The cheapest ground beef in the market is still 120 liras. According to its quality, ground beef goes up to 160 liras. Our nation has passed the meat, it is unable to boil its water and get bones.


In these lands where agriculture has emerged, our children cannot be fed enough. Not enought feeding; iron deficiency, short stature, learning disability in our children… And it leaves many more symptoms. We are losing a generation on sight. Let's say, "Let's give up protein and get protein from legumes instead of meat", a kilo of chickpeas will cost up to 40 liras. The weight of dried beans is 30 liras. The weight of lentils is 47 liras. The carton of the egg, which we call the cheapest protein, is 54 liras. If our citizens tried to stop the rumbling in their stomachs, if they bought a white loaf of bread, it would cost 4 liras. If a family of five consumes 10 loaves of bread a day, only loaf of bread costs 1200 liras in a month. If our citizens try to spend the day with potatoes and pasta, the price of a pack of ordinary pasta starts from 10 liras and a kilo of potatoes starts from 11 liras. It has oil, tomato paste, onions for cooking. In the hands of this incompetent administration, the pot of the nation has become unscalded.


If one of the indispensable expenses of the low-income is food, the other is of course shelter. Buying a house with prices exceeding a few million is beyond a dream for fixed income. Rents have gone up. According to TUIK, the rent increase in the last year has been only 26,8 percent. They openly mock the citizens… Leaving TUIK's make-up figures and looking at the realities of life, the rents in the last year are: 144 percent in Adana, 149 percent in Bursa, 156 percent in Ankara, 161 percent in Istanbul, 164 percent in Izmir. increased. But there is more… You know, university students' preferences for universities have ended. kazanmoment students. The results will be announced soon. Our young people look at the housing opportunities and rents in the provinces they will go to before they go to the universities. In our provinces, which stand out with the number of students, the rent increases in the last year are terrible. Rents increased by 162 percent in Eskişehir, 173 percent in Konya, 130 percent in Erzurum and 244 percent in Antalya. When the university placement results are announced, God knows where these rents will go. Young people and their families who will go to other provinces have already begun to brood over. The rotten palace regime built for itself summer, winter, walking, flying, fleeing palaces. But it has not solved the dormitory and accommodation problem of our youth for 20 years.

A CITIZEN SELLING ITS kidneys for their debts is where the word ends

In this rotten Palace order, the debts of our citizens have reached extraordinary levels. A citizen in Manisa said to the chief physician of the private hospital, “I want to sell my kidney. I owe a lot. If anyone wants, can you let me know?" he begs. This is where the word ends. It is the summary of the place where the corruption in the palace regime brought our nation. During the pandemic period, while developed countries kept their citizens afloat with direct income support, the Palace lent to our people instead of support. The debts of our citizens have jumped to extraordinary levels.


By the way, speaking of pandemic, there is a rapid increase in coronavirus cases again. The weekly death toll increased from 17 in mid-June to 337 at the end of July. In just five weeks, the death toll has doubled to 20. We have reached the limit of 100 thousand in the total number of deaths. But there is nothing from the government about it. Therefore, the task falls to our citizens again. Please let's increase our personal precautions. Let's pay attention to mask, distance and hygiene again.


We said increasing debts during the pandemic period… The debts that were so high at that time have reached unpayable levels today. In the first five months of this year, the number of our citizens, who were followed up due to their personal loan and credit card debts, increased by 83 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 748 thousand. In other words, enforcement officers stood at the door of 748 households. In our country, legal proceedings continue due to unpaid bank debts of 4 million 147 thousand 977 people. The total number of files seen in enforcement offices has reached 1 million 466 thousand with an increase of 24 million 53 thousand in the last year. Our nation is being crushed not only by the high cost of living, but also by a debt tsunami. Interest is charged on unpaid debts. Life is becoming increasingly difficult for citizens.


Now we are making a call here. You know how to structure your supporters' credit debt and tax debt. Take urgent steps to restructure the bank debts of our citizens. At least spread the maturity of the debt, ease the interest burden. Don't let the debt you put on the back of the nation get heavier. If you don't, we will do it in a few months.


This state is a great state, this nation is a great nation. Our nation deserves the best of everything. Turkey has the power and potential to bring its economy back to normal in a very short time. We have a very important geographical location, a young population, self-sacrificing workers, business people and exporters all over the world. The shortened supply chains after the pandemic offer us very important opportunities because of these advantages. We can use our advantages, realize our potential, make three five, five ten. But this metal-weary, one-man administration is blocking the nation.


This rotten administration has turned this land, which our ancestors left to us at the cost of their lives and blood, a hell for our nation and an "amusement park" for the people of the hand. They stamped our money, the whole country turned into a "millionaire store". They are giving away the labor of this nation. Germany's retiree, who is supposedly jealous of us, lays on our beaches and takes a vacation. Enjoying our sun and sand. But our retirees; In the heat of summer, that bank is yours, this bank is mine, because I will get a three cent salary promotion more. Is this a right or a right? Of course, the German should come, the French should come, the Russian should come, the American should come. Let us have a holiday in this country kazanpurchase. But if a retired person comes from the other side of the world and enjoys in this beautiful country, if my pensioner cannot leave his house and travel a few hundred kilometers and have a vacation in the Aegean and Mediterranean, there is neither mercy nor justice in this business.


While the young people of other countries travel country by country and get to know the world during their summer holidays, if my young man thinks fifty times to go out with his friends and have a cup of tea or coffee, this is the mortgage that the decay in the palace has placed on the lives of our youth. While our people are getting poorer day by day and it is difficult to put cheese and olives on their table, today the person of the hand has a sumptuous breakfast feast and on top of that, “Traditional Turkish breakfast and all you see are 12 dollars. “But the country!” If he is having fun, this is the shame that the corrupt palace regime has inflicted on our nation. We do not call this Palace regime "crazy at home, good in hand" for nothing.


This rotten regime has so far sold its ancestral Sugar Factories, the nation's paper producing SEKA, iron and steel producing Ereğlisi, factories producing cement-fertilizer and many other products, TEKEL, Sümer Holding, port and land for 63 billion dollars. sold it. They didn't leave anything on their hands. In the country ruled by this regime; This nation saw the TELEKOM sale, this nation saw the Tank Palette, this nation saw how TÜRKŞEKER's tens of acres of land was sold for two flats. Now they are selling the land of this country, the citizenship of this country, for the green of the dollar. While doing these, the officials of the rotten order can also rant about "The star of our country is shining" "Before us, this country could not produce pins, look what we are producing now".


Now, without wasting any more time, it's time to send this rotten system home at the ballot box. What was Erdogan, who lives in Palaces today, saying while living in an apartment in Keçiören in 2011: “If you get less than the minimum wage you received 8 years ago, the egg you bought, the milk you bought, the cheese you bought, the bread you bought, don't vote for us…” That's it. it is simple. If you've been getting less meat, less milk, less eggs, less cheese for the wages you've received since the establishment of this monstrous palace regime, find the person responsible. And join us in slashing their ticket at the ballot box. Before this rotten system, if you were managing with 50 liras of gasoline, now the same 50 liras of gasoline does not even turn off the light on the needle, take a good look at who is responsible for it. Join us.


Our dear nation; In the next election, not two candidates, but two understandings will compete. On the one hand, those who came to be Croesus to be Aaron, and on the other hand, those who lived modestly like you. On the one hand, those who protect those who curse the chaste mothers of the nation, those who lay pipes from the nation's purse to the coffers of interest lobbies, dollar barons and their supporters; On the other hand, honest, honest cadres who are determined to end this profiteering and will replace what has been stolen from the nation. On the one hand, those who emptied the nation's pockets and troubled the authoritarian palace regime, on the other hand, democracy lovers who want to put the veteran parliament, the manifestation of the will of the nation, at the center of the country's administration. Rotten wood does not hold nails. This rotten regime will no longer prosper. We call out to all our citizens: Our word is our nation, join us.

That's all I have to say. I can take it now if you have questions.

Question- Deputy Chairman of the Democrat Party, Cemal Enginyurt, beat journalist Latif Şimşek in the studio during the live broadcast. At the same time, the Democratic Party is also a part of the Nation Alliance. How does the Republican People's Party evaluate this action of Enginyurt?

Faik ÖZTRAK- As the Republican People's Party, it is not possible for us to approve of any violence. Especially, we cannot accept the violence to be applied to the members of the press. Our country has been climbing towards the bottom of the press freedom index in recent years. Serious violence is used against members of the press. The main reason for this is the political atmosphere. In particular, the palace's strategy of getting votes by polarizing makes people commit violence against each other. Let's take a look at the recent attacks on journalists and politicians. Yavuz Selim Demirağ, Sebahattin Önkibar, Murat İde, Orhan Uğurluoğlu, Selçuk Özdağ… Violence was used against all these people in a way that really meant their lives.

The pro-media, which made a mess because of the action that took place the day before, not yesterday, was not in sight that day. Let me say it once again, we opposed the violence against politicians and members of the press that day, and we continue to oppose and not embrace all violence, especially violence against members of the press. We do not have double criteria.

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