People in Ankara Raise Bread

People's Ekmege Raise in Ankara
People in Ankara Raise Bread

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) announced that the retail sale price of 250 grams of bread produced in Ankara Public Bread Factory has been determined as 8 TL as of 2022 August 3.

In the written statement made by ABB, it was emphasized that 1 grams of 'people's bread', which is produced about 250 million pieces every day, contributed greatly to the budget of the citizens, that prices could not be increased for a long time despite the constant increase in costs, and sales continued at a loss until the flour stock was exhausted.

In the statement, “Since March 2, 2022, when the previous price increase was experienced, 80 percent in flour, 81 percent in yeast, 67 percent in electricity, 75 percent in natural gas, 37 percent in labor, 39 percent in the cost of transportation, buffet share and 17 percent in other items such as depreciation and maintenance. price increase has occurred. These high increases in costs necessitated an increase in the price of public bread. As of 250 August 8, the retail sale price of 2022 grams of bread produced by Ankara Halk Ekmek was determined as 3 TL for its cost and without profit. In the market, 200 grams of normal bread is still sold for 4 TL.

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