EMRA Prepares Regulations to Strike a Impact on the Renewable Energy Sector

EMRA Prepares Regulations to Strike a Impact on the Renewable Energy Sector
EMRA Prepares Regulations to Strike a Impact on the Renewable Energy Sector

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın stated that the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), which should be an independent regulatory and supervisory institution, works like the AK Party district presidency and surrenders to the energy lobbies, and said, “The EMRA, which puts obstacles in front of Turkey's future renewable energy sources. is pursuing preparations that will strike a blow to the renewable energy sector.”


CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın stated that they received complaints from the renewable energy sector investors and that they learned from the sector representatives that EMRA is preparing to deal a new blow to the renewable energy sector. Ahmet from CHP, explaining that EMRA, which prepared the Regulation on the Amendment of EMRA's Regulation on Unlicensed Electricity Production in the Electricity Market, will be obliged to transfer the excess electricity produced to the system free of charge, if those who invest in order to produce their own electricity with this amendment produce more than their consumption. Akin provided the following information:


The draft of the regulation provision prepared by EMRA; “As a result of the applications made after 12/05/2019, the right to receive a call letter for the connection agreement kazanThe amount of generation that can be put up for sale in excess of the needs of the persons, cannot exceed the total undeducted electrical energy consumption drawn by the related consumption facility from the grid. The energy supplied to the system above this amount is considered as a free contribution to YEKDEM. The provision of this paragraph does not apply to generation facilities associated with consumption facilities in the residential subscriber group with an installed power of 50 (or 100) kW or less. The procedures and principles regarding the implementation of this paragraph shall be determined by the Board”.

If this regulation is enforced by EMRA, investments in the renewable energy sector will come to a standstill. This regulation, which enables small and medium-sized enterprises to realize electricity generation projects and access financing in these projects, is intended to be abolished by EMRA. Moreover, the preparation of the new regulation, including the facilities whose acceptance process has been completed, will cause serious grievances, kazanDue to the violation of rights, it will cause legal problems and most importantly, the loss of trust in the sector, which also affects the future.


This regulation, which calls renewable energy producers to "produce no more", is one of the national and non-native regulations of the AK party government, which will pave the way for electricity production with natural gas and imported coal, and will increase Turkey's dependence on foreign energy. The AK Party government, which says, “Don't build a renewable energy-based production facility,” continues the understanding that condemns Turkey to an energy crisis. This regulation, which will bring with it a series of negative pictures extending to the increase in electricity prices, should be abandoned as soon as the road is near. Practices that penalize entrepreneurs investing in the renewable energy sector should be repealed immediately.

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