Ashura Served to 12 Thousand People in Konak Square

Asure was distributed to a thousand people with the catering vehicles installed in the Konak Square
Ashura Distributed to 12 Thousand People with Catering Vehicles Installed in Konak Square

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality distributed ashura to the citizens with the catering vehicles it set up in Konak Square within the scope of Muharram. The Metropolitan Municipality, which also provides food support to cemevis, shared the abundance of ashura with more than 12 thousand people this year.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued its traditional ashura offering in Muharram this year as well. The Metropolitan Municipality, which provided food support to the cemevis in the city before the month of Muharram, also offered ashura on the 10th day of Muharram.

“Let our unity be together forever”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay initiated the catering event in Konak Square. Tugay said, “We are living one of the most important months of our unity and togetherness together. For the health of our country, we, as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, distribute ashura as we do every year. We are happy and proud to be with our citizens. May our unity and solidarity be forever," he said.

Ashura supplies for 7 people are given to cemevis.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department distributed a total of 5 thousand people of ashura to the people of Izmir with the catering vehicles it set up at Konak Square and Konak Ferry Pier this year. In addition, 500 people were served as a treat at İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital. This year, the Metropolitan shared its blessings with more than 7 thousand people by delivering ashura materials to cemevis for 12 thousand people.

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