2022 World 5G Conference Started Today

World G Conference Starts Today
2022 World 5G Conference Started Today

The 2022 World 5G Conference started today in Harbin, the capital city of Helongjiang province in northeastern China.

Jointly organized by Helongjiang local government, China State Development and Reform Committee, China Ministry of Science and Technology, China Ministry of Industry and Informatics, the main theme of the conference is “Let's develop 5G, innovation and dual kazanLet's accelerate the growth based on ca”.

At the conference, which will last for 3 days, communication experts from around the world will exchange views on consolidating global cooperation in the field of 5G, developing the digital industry and intensifying the “5G+” sectoral application.

The conference, which is the first global event in the field of 5G worldwide, was previously held successfully three times in a row in Beijing, the capital of China, and in Guangdong province, located in the south of China. Over the years, the conference has become an important platform where the latest advances in 5G are introduced.

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