100th Anniversary Climbing Race in Kütahya

Year Climbing Race in Kutahya
100th Anniversary Climbing Race in Kütahya

AVIS 2022 Turkey Climbing Championship continues with the 13th Anniversary Climbing Race to be held on 14-30 August by the Phrygian Sports Club (FSK) as part of the '100th Anniversary of the August 100 Victory' events. 2022 athletes will compete in 4 different categories in the 4th climbing race of the 20 season under the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX, organized under the sponsorship of NG Kütahya Seramik with the support of the Governorship of Kütahya and the Municipality of Kütahya. Local people are expected to show great interest in the first automobile sports event to be held in Kütahya.

After the administrative and technical control, which will take place on Saturday, August 13, a ceremonial start will be held on the historical Germiyan Street at 19.00. In the race, which will start with the start of the first car at 14, after the training starts between 08.00:11.15-13.00:7,5 on Sunday, August 3th, the athletes will cover the 19.30 kilometers long Radar road XNUMX times. The organization will end with the award ceremony to be held in front of Kütahya Municipality at XNUMX on the same day.

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