Osmangazi Bridge is on Sale for 400 Million Dollars!

Osmangazi Bridge is on Sale for Million Dollars
Osmangazi Bridge is on Sale for 400 Million Dollars!

Oğuz Çarmıklı, Vice Chairman of Nurol Holding, one of the operators of Osmangazi Bridge and İzmir Highway, stated that they made a loss and were considering withdrawing from the operation, as reported by journalist Vahap Munyar, and said: We will hand it over,” he said.

Oğuz Çarmıklı, the senior manager of Nurol Holding, which is one of the three companies operating the Osmangazi Bridge and İzmir Highway along with Makyol and Özaltın, said that they 'lost' and are considering transferring the operating rights.

To world writer Vahap Munyar Nurol Holding Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Oğuz Çarmıklı, reminded that they have broken a record since the İzmir Motorway entered service this month, that they have received 15 dollars per vehicle, and that the Treasury guarantee is 40 dollars, and said, "We are making a loss under these conditions."

Çarmıklı said, “Doesn't the Treasury pay you the difference in price?” He answered the question as follows:

“To pay the price difference, the Treasury takes the average of the last 10 days of December of the previous year, fixes the rate at the beginning of the year and pays in TL. Payment is delayed by 9 months. That's why we're hurting."

“The investment cost of the Osmangazi Bridge is 1.48 billion dollars. The total investment cost of the İzmir Motorway was 7.5 billion dollars,” Çarmıklı said, and said that they are considering withdrawing from the Osmangazi Bridge and İzmir Motorway operation at the point reached today:

“If the $400 million we invested comes out, we will transfer our operating rights, which will continue until 2036.”

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