Who is Ekin Su Cülcüoğlu? Where is Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu from and how old is she?

Who is Ekin Su Culculoglu
Who is Ekin Su Culculoglu

Who is Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu, where is she from, how old is she, and expatriates who watch the controversial television program in England are curiously asked. The fact that one of the most talked-about names of the program, which is watched with debates in the British media, is Turkish, causes reactions. Many users on social media react to Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu's participation in the competition or to her appearance in the competition. Who is Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu, where is she from, how old is she?

Love Island, one of the most watched game shows in England. Love IslandTurkish actress Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu, who participated in . Turkish actress Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu participated in the Love Island program, which is spoken not only in England but also in Turkey with its sensational events. The name, which has appeared in many TV series in Turkey, came to the fore as soon as he arrived on the island.

Who is Ekin Su Cülcüoğlu?

Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu was born in Ankara in 1996 and is within the age of 24. Ekin Su Kansu, who graduated from Bilkent University, School of Applied Technology and Management, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, is 1,77 cm tall. Ekin Su Kansu, who previously modeled, will appear in front of the camera for the first time with the North Star First love series. Ekin Su took part in many fashion shows as a model. Socia, owned by Ufuk Ergin, is registered with the agency.

Love Island has come to the fore with obscene images many times before. The island, where love, intrigue and sexuality are not missing, is also talked about with the events that take place behind closed doors.

Cülcüloğlu, who attracted great attention from the British press as soon as she joined Love Island, went on her first date with 22-year-old student Liam Llewellyn. However, events broke out on the island when their date drew the reaction of Gemma, with whom Liam was dating.

Ekin Su northern star series

Liam, the most popular name of the competition, wanted to go on a date with Ekin Su, after which Cülcüloğlu became the most talked about name.

Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu said in her statement that she was looking for true love, 'The thing that impresses me the most is the brain! clever, good sohbet I'm looking for someone I can relate to." said. After her date with Liam, Cülcüloğlu warned that while she was picking up the other girls on the show, she could 'take away their boyfriends if she wanted and saw fit'. The Turkish actress said, "I'm not here to make seasonal girlfriends. "I'm here to make the love of my life."

While Ekin Su was on the social media agenda in England in a short time, many Turkish users reacted to Cülcüloğlu with tweets in Turkish and English, as well as those who supported him.

Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu's latest actions drew the reaction of everyone. His audience likened him to the devil. Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu, who participated in the program, stated that she was looking for true love before and that the thing that impressed her the most was intelligence.

Ekin Su is frequently on the agenda with her flirts on Love Island. Lastly, Ekin Su, who attracted attention with her passionate kiss with Davide Sanclimenti on Sunday, tried to flirt with the new boy Jacques O'Neill a few hours later, and the audience was stunned. Ekin Su was seen saying to new contestant Jacques, “If you had come here earlier, I would like to get to know you too”.

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