What is an Energy Engineer, What Does He Do, How To Become? Energy Engineer Salaries 2022

What is an Energy Engineer What Does He Do How To Become Energy Engineer Salaries
What is an Energy Engineer, What Does He Do, How to Become Energy Engineer Salaries 2022

Energy Engineer is a professional title given to people who design projects to find efficient and innovative ways to supply energy. Energy Engineers explore new ways to generate energy to reduce costs, reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental damage. For this purpose, it conducts field inspections and energy research.

What Does an Energy Engineer Do?

We can list the professional duties of Energy Engineers as follows;

  • It identifies high energy consuming resources and develops processes to increase energy efficiency to be applied in these areas.
  • It advises engineers for the installation of energy efficient systems such as climate control systems and daylight design.
  • Prepares technical reports for the implementation of energy efficient design.
  • Performs laboratory research on alternative energy sources.
  • Analyze research results, energy use, measure of conservation, cost effectiveness, etc. evaluated in terms of
  • Performs energy modelling, measurement, verification or commissioning.
  • Review or negotiate energy purchase agreements.
  • Reviews architectural, mechanical, or electrical plans and specifications to determine engineering feasibility.
  • Provides training to staff or customers on issues such as energy management.
  • Prepares energy management procedures for building automation systems.
  • It encourages the use of alternative or renewable energy sources.

How to Become an Energy Engineer?

Those who want to become an Energy Engineer are required to graduate with a bachelor's degree from the Department of Energy Systems Engineering, which provides four-year education.

People who want to be an Energy Engineer must have certain qualifications;

  • Must have high concentration.
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication skills to express technical information clearly.
  • It should provide teamwork and management.
  • Find innovative and creative solutions to problems.
  • Must have knowledge of research principles.

Energy Engineer Salaries

The lowest Energy Engineer salary in 2022 was determined as 5.400 TL, the average Energy Engineer salary was 7.800 TL, and the highest Energy Engineer salary was 12.800 TL.

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