TCDD's Net Term Loss 6,6 Billion TL

TCDD's Net Loss for the Period Billion TL
TCDD's Net Term Loss 6,6 Billion TL

The audit of TCDD's financial accounts revealed the quagmire the institution was in. According to the report, TCDD made a loss of 6,6 billion TL. 5,5 billion TL of it was losses arising from activities.

According to the report prepared by the independent auditor, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) made a loss of 2021 billion TL in 6,6.

TCDD's independently audited consolidated statement of financial position revealed the situation. TCDD's net loss for the period was recorded as 31 billion 2021 million 6 thousand 666 TL as of 422 December 165.

The net loss for the year 2020 was recorded as 6 billion 341 million 243 thousand 988 TL. In 2021, the total cost of the administration, which had a revenue of 3 billion 470 million TL, was 6 billion 876 million TL.

The total operating loss and the details of the loss were also included in the audit report for the financial documents of the Republic of Turkey State Railways. So, in 2021, TCDD suffered an operating loss of 5 billion 553 million TL. Operating loss in 2021 increased by 2020 percent compared to 22.

In addition, the report also shared the marketing, sales and distribution expenses for the period of 1 January-31 December 2021. According to the shared information, the entire operating expense of 3 million 375 thousand TL was recorded in the “Advertising expense” item.

The increase in the money spent by TCDD for advertising in 2021 was recorded as 2020 percent compared to 61.

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