'Sümbül Mansion Cafe Project' in Saathane Square

Sumbul Mansion Cafe Project in Saathane Square
'Sümbül Mansion Cafe Project' in Saathane Square

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues its aesthetic touches in Saathane Square, where the most beautiful works of the city's cultural heritage are located. Metropolitan Municipality, tourism kazanIt will also build a mansion in accordance with the concept of the historical square where it will be built. Providing information about the Sümbül Mansion Cafe Project, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir noted that they will start investment studies within the year.

Renovating Taşhan, Medrese Mosque, Şifa Bath and Clock Tower, which are important works of Ottoman architecture, in accordance with their originality, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of workplaces within the scope of the 2nd and 3rd Stages of the Saathane Square Project. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that they attach great importance to the project.


Stating that they brought Samsun together with its historical and cultural past, Mayor Demir said, “Saathane Square is one of the main elements of Samsun. Restoring the historic function of the square kazanOur main goal is to revive tourism and trade, and to bring the value of Samsun to light. Indeed, our work in the field is progressing very well at the moment. We plan to complete the work we started at the end of this year. That's why we attached great importance to the project there. We have included the blocks of the Great Mosque and the area where the teahouses are located in the 2nd stage. Expropriation negotiations continue there. Therefore, when all these works are completed, Saathane will regain its true identity with its historical and commercial structure.”


Stating that they will complete the historical identity and aesthetic concept of the square with the Sümbül Mansion Project they will build, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “A high-rise building was built at the corner of our municipality intersection, with a zoning permit before. What did we do? We removed it by expropriating it. Now we will build Sümbül Mansion instead of it, which will complement the mission of Saathane Square. We have finished the design of the project and will start the construction within this year. We will build a beautiful historical mansion in that area between Taşhan and Atatürk Boulevard. I hope we will put the mansion, which will be operated as a cafeteria, to the service of our people.”

The two-storey mansion to be built within the scope of the Saathane Square Project will be at a height not exceeding the eaves level of Taşhan. With a total area of ​​532 square meters, the cafe will reflect the traditional architectural features of the city.

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