Dairy Lambs All Over Izmir

Dairy Lambs All Around Izmir
Dairy Lambs All Over Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding its Dairy Lamb project step by step. The distribution network was increased from 11 districts to 30 districts, and the number of producer cooperatives from which milk was purchased within the scope of the project was increased to 6. Families and milk producers are both satisfied with the project.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's habit of drinking milk to children kazanThe scope of the Dairy Lamb project, which is carried out with the aim of raising healthy generations by Within the scope of the project, which spread to 30 districts after President Tunç Soyer took office, eight liters of milk each month are delivered to children. Families and producer cooperatives, from which milk is purchased, are both satisfied with the project.

Dairy Lamb Chief Enes Yaşar, who is in charge of the Social Services Branch Directorate, said, “With the appointment of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer in 2019, our project has reached 30 districts. To date, 1 children aged 5-478 have benefited from our project. While the Milk Lamb project supports our farmers and producers, it also ensures that our children have access to healthy milk.”

Milkman Uncles of milk lambs

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality distributes the milk purchased from six producer cooperatives in 58 neighborhoods with 619 different teams from door to door. Milk delivery personnel Deniz Engin Afacan said, “Children now know us. In a way, we raised them, we provided their milk for years. We are even happier when we see the children we raise. Moreover, we give milk to their siblings. I am very happy to be in this project. When I give milk to children, I feel happy as if I gave milk to my own children.

Ozan Kamer Yapa, the milk distribution personnel who said that they had distributed milk throughout the city before, said, “I have children too and I love my job. When the children see us, they run up to us and say, 'Our Uncle Milkman has come'. I am very happy to be with them and to do this job,” he said.

“Children love the taste of milk”

Fatma Sayın, who has three children, said, “I have been getting milk since my first son. My kids really like the taste of milk. When I buy milk from the grocery store, they don't like the taste of that milk, so they don't drink the grocery store milk. It also helps us a lot financially," he said.

Abide Emer, mother of two children, said, “We are very pleased with the Milk Lamb project. After my children stopped formula, they started to drink the milk distributed by the municipality, and they still do.

After the purchase agreement made with the producers on June 15, the Dairy Lamb project started again with 6 districts. Those who want to benefit from the project can reach Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which plans to continue from where it left off in 30 districts in a short time, by calling 444 40 35.

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