Izmir Midilli Ship Expeditions Started

Izmir Midilli Ship Expeditions Started
Izmir Midilli Ship Expeditions Started

Continuing to work in line with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to make Izmir a world city, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality accelerated sea tourism. kazanstarted Izmir-Midilli flights. İhsan Alyanak passenger ship, serving under İZDENİZ, departed from İzmir Alsancak Port with nearly 50 passengers. The ship will return from Lesbos on Sunday.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality accelerated marine tourism. kazanstarted Izmir-Midilli flights. The first of the expeditions coordinated by the İZDENİZ General Directorate was made today. İZDENİZ Chairman of the Board Hakan Erşen and İZDENİZ General Manager Ümit Yılmaz bid farewell to the İhsan Alyanak ship, which departed from İzmir Alsancak Port with nearly 50 passengers. İhsan Alyanak will depart from İzmir Alsancak Port at 09.30:2 every Friday during the summer, and arrive in Lesbos after a 45 hour and 17.30 minute journey. The ship will depart from Lesbos for Izmir at XNUMX on Sundays.

Erşen: “We are very happy”

Acceleration to marine tourism after the pandemic kazanİZDENİZ Chairman of the Board Hakan Erşen, who stated that they are counting the days to start the island expeditions, said, “We are very happy. As the İZDENİZ family, we have been waiting for this day for two years. We organized these expeditions in line with the vision of our President Tunç Soyer. We made our first voyage, we started off with about 50 passengers. Good luck,” he said.

Yılmaz: “For the first time in 17 years”

Ümit Yılmaz, General Manager of İZDENİZ, said, “Today, we are carrying out the first expeditions between İzmir, the third most populous city of our country in terms of population, and Lesbos, the third largest island of Greece. Quite an important day. We planned to make 12 expeditions from Izmir. We can mutually increase the number of trips between Izmir-Midilli and Midilli-Izmir according to the demands received. This is the first departure from Izmir Port of a cruise ship of our own with the national flag since 2005. 17 years later… That's why it becomes more important. This practice will set an example, the number of ships arriving in Izmir will increase. I would like to thank our President Tunç Soyer for his support from the planning of the expedition to the last moment. I would also like to thank the support of our Transportation Department, our İZDOĞA company and TÜRSAB.”

Round-trip ticket costs 85 Euros

Tickets are offered for sale online at Bilet.izdeniz.com.tr. In addition, tickets can be purchased by hand from the İZDENİZ sales office opened in İzmir Alsancak Port. Those who want to get detailed information can call 0501 535 3535 or send an e-mail to midilli@izdeniz.com.tr. Citizens with green passports and Schengen visas benefit from pony tours. The round-trip ticket fee is 85 Euros, and the one-way ticket fee is 50 Euros. There is a 7% discount for children aged 12-50. Children aged 0-6 can travel free of charge.

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