IMM Sends Aid To Flood Area

IBB Sends Aid to Flood Area
IMM Sends Aid To Flood Area

IMM; Bartın, Kastamonu and its districts sent a total of 38 personnel and 23 vehicles to the Western Black Sea in order to support the works against floods and inundations. Teams began to support the work.

IMM units came together under the coordination of AKOM after the news of the floods and floods that affected the Western Black Sea Region. In order to support search and rescue, water drainage, channel opening and improvement works in the region, a team was formed from the units in charge of the "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Emergency and Disaster Response Plan".

38 personnel consisting of the Fire Brigade Department, İSKİ, Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, 23 vehicles, as well as necessary equipment and food supplies were sent to the region. İBB Fire Brigade teams arrived in Bartın at 22.30 yesterday evening. A group of IMM Road Maintenance teams went to Kastamonu in the morning and started to support the works.

The IMM aid team and equipment sent to the region are as follows:

Teams going to Bartın

Department of Fire Brigade: 5 personnel, 1 vehicle; 1 Fire Brigade Rescue Vehicle, 3 motor pumps, 4 submersible pumps, two generators, 2 battery lighting

İSKİ: 4 parsons, 12 vehicles, 2 vehicles and 2 trenching vehicles

Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department: 20 personnel, 14 vehicles, 2 lowbeds, 2 backhoe loaders, 2 loaders, 3 trucks, 2 excavators, 1 minibus, 1 repair vehicle, 1 service vehicle

Teams going to Kastamonu

Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department: 9 personnel, 6 vehicles

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