Experienced Izmir Lawyer

Experienced Izmir Lawyer
Experienced Izmir Lawyer

Izmir law firm It started to provide legal consultancy services to İzmir and all the surrounding provinces. Thanks to Ert Law Firm, you can perform your legal transactions much faster and more reliably.

Ert Law and Consultancy

ERT Izmir lawyer The firm has become one of the most preferred law firms with its structure that provides unlimited service to its clients living in Izmir and all over Turkey. It has become the most admired law firm in and around Izmir and has been involved in solving hundreds of legal issues by providing the best service to its clients through its most successful, reliable and expert teams in their field.

In Which Subjects Does Ert Law Firm Provide Services?

Ert law firm is one of the companies that play an active role in resolving all legal issues. Some of the services it offers are:

  • divorce cases,
  • computer crimes,
  • Criminal law attorney,
  • Heavy criminal law attorney,
  • Enforcement cases and files

ERT law firm, which provides services in legal disputes and all legal processes, each with its expert teams in their own branch, also provides services to foreign citizens in many different subjects.

In Which Region Does Ert Law Provide Service?

Ert Hukuk continues to offer its services in all cities of Turkey, especially in Izmir. The firm, which started its activities as an Izmir law firm and continues to rise due to reasons such as appreciation and preference, conquers the hearts of its clients by aiming to serve in eighty-one provinces.




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