Criminal Complaint by CHP about SADAT

Criminal Announcement From CHP About SADAT
Criminal Complaint by CHP about SADAT

The Justice Commission with CHP deputy chairmen Bülent Tezcan, Muharrem Erkek and Gülizar Biçer Karaca SözcüSü Zeynel Emre, Constitutional Commission Sözcüsü İbrahim Özden Kabaoğlu, Internal Affairs Commission Sözcüsü Yaşar Tüzün and the Security and Intelligence Commission sözcüsü Yüksel Mansur Kılınç filed a criminal complaint against SADAT.

The party's statement said:

“The information that SADAT International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as SADAT) provides irregular warfare training in the country/abroad, procures weapons, and also provides irregular warfare training to terrorist organizations.

On the official website of SADAT, it provides trainings under the title of Unlawful Warfare Education Package;

Organization in Irregular Warfare, Intelligence, Strength operations, Guerrilla operations, Rescue-abduction operations, Special Forces operations, Covert naval operations, Air operations, Psychological warfare operations, Combat and communications security, Logistics, Unlawful Warfare, against Unconventional Warfare forces Leadership in Nizami War,

He stated that there was first aid in Unlawful Warfare. As a result of the training of the trainees who received the Irregular War Training;

It is also stated on the website of SADAT that they will have the opportunities and abilities in the form of Sabotage, Raid, Ambush, Destruction, Assassination, Rescue and Kidnapping, and Terrorism, and that successful trainees will be awarded an Unconventional Warfare Specialization Certificate.

It is beyond dispute that acts in the form of sabotage, raid, ambush, destruction, assassination, rescue and kidnapping, and terrorism, which SADAT states as the opportunity and ability that the trainees will have as a result of the training, are crimes. These are criminal acts including willful killing, willful injury, deprivation of liberty, deliberate damage to property and plunder. It is regulated in the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713 that these crimes will be considered as terrorist crimes if they are committed within the framework of terrorist organization activities.

Informal warfare, in which SADAT trains its trainees, is defined as “a form of warfare waged to wear out, demoralize and inflict casualties with small and functional units instead of regular and large units”.

The unconventional form of warfare is known as a form of warfare commonly used by terrorist organizations. In other words, small, irregular paramilitary units (terrorists or militia forces called guerrilla) against the armed forces of countries, sabotage, raid, ambush, assassination, etc. to take actions.

Moreover, as a result of SADAT's unconventional war training kazanIt means the terror, lightning and terror that it promises as IM. In this state, SADAT openly admits that it also provides terror training to its trainees.

According to our laws, no private legal entity is authorized to provide military training. Article 36 of the Turkish Armed Forces Internal Service Law assigns the Turkish Armed Forces the task of learning and teaching the art of warfare, establishing the necessary facilities and organizations for its performance, and taking measures. It is out of the question that military training given outside the Turkish Armed Forces within the borders of our country will constitute a crime, and at the same time, the same scope of training abroad by this company will cause the same crimes to occur.

The information that SADAT provides irregular warfare training to members of terrorist organizations in Turkey and abroad has been learned from the news reflected in the press and moreover from the statements of the company officials. In other words, this company is trying to create an armed force by forming its own military structure in an organized manner.

Considering the explanations above, it is clear that SADAT officials committed the crime of establishing an organization in order to commit a crime regulated in TCK Article 220.

Company officials (presented in Annex-1) have admitted that they have committed the crime regulated in article 6136 of the law no.

The so-called "Confederal Republic Constitution of the Union of ASRICA Islamic Countries" (presented in annex 2) prepared by the Center for Strategic Studies for Defenders of Justice (hereinafter referred to as ASSAM), which includes SADAT administrators and is the predecessor of SADAT, and published on its website. It is seen that with the draft constitution, they are attempting to establish another confederal state instead of the Republic of Turkey.

With this draft constitution, “The Name of the State; It is proposed as 'ASRIKA (ASIA-AFRICA) Union of Islamic States'; The official language, flag, capital and center of government will be determined by the “Association of ASRICA Islamic States Representatives Assembly”, the form of the state will be confederal, the legislative power will be in the “Assemblies of Regional Islamic States and National States”, and the executive power will be exercised by the “President of the Union of ASRICA Islamic States”. is expressed.

In other words, it is planned to establish another state instead of the Republic of Turkey, which is guaranteed by the Constitution, and it is aimed to change the official language, capital, flag, indivisible integrity and sovereignty of the state. From this, it is clearly understood that the regime, which is guaranteed by the first four articles of our Constitution and cannot even be proposed to be changed, is intended to be overthrown.

It is evident from their own statements that the suspects wanted to achieve their goals through force and violence. The suspect Adnan Tanrıverdi asked, "Will there be an Islamic Union at the 19rd International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress (presented in annex 20), which was held on 2019-3 December 3? How will it be, Hazrat Mahdi (as) when it comes. So when will the Mahdi come? God knows. Well, don't we have a job, don't we need to prepare the environment? This is what ASSAM is doing.” It is known that the time when it is believed that the Mahdi will come is the period when chaos, violence, conflict and terror rise. The suspects intend to achieve their goals by creating an atmosphere of chaos and terror.

Another SADAT administrator, suspect Ersan Ergür, said, “This homeland was taken with blood, it is being defended with blood. We will not hand over this homeland to those who cooperate with the enemies of Turkey at the ballot box… We will not! Thanks to the homeland…” (presented in annex 4). This sharing of the suspect reveals once again that SADAT alone will not recognize the elections to be made. The suspects, who openly stated that they would use force to overthrow the elected government, committed a crime.

Considering the above-mentioned activities of SADAT and ASSAM together, it is clear that the defendants, who acted with the intention of changing the constitutional order by force and violence, committed the crimes set forth in Articles 309, 311, 312 and 314 of the Turkish Penal Code.

The above-mentioned shows that; The suspects formed a criminal organization capable of committing major crimes in order to plunge the country into chaos, to destroy the election results that emerged with the will of the people, and to destroy the qualities of the state guaranteed by the Constitution. For this reason, they do not hesitate to continue the acts defined as terrorist activities in our Laws.

As a result, as it is clear that the suspects have committed the crimes set forth in Articles 220, 309, 311, 312, 314 of the Turkish Penal Code, Law No. 6136 and the relevant provisions of the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713, it is necessary to file a criminal complaint against them.

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