Akçaray Summer Timetable Application Started!

Akcaray Daylight Saving Time Application Started
Akçaray Summer Timetable Application Started!

TransportationPark, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, has changed its tram services with the arrival of the summer season. Citizens will be able to travel until late at night, with flights extending until 01:30 at night within the scope of summer time. As of today, the Akçaray tram has switched to summer time. Akçaray, which provides service with 20 trams along the 18 km line, will make its last voyage by departing from the beach road at 01:30 at night.


Akçaray will make its first flight departing from the bus station on weekdays at 05:50 and its last flight at 01:00 at night. From the beach road station, it will make its first voyage at 06:25 and make its last voyage at 01:30. On Sunday, it will make its first flight from the bus station at 06:00 and make its last flight at 00:30. Beach road will make its first trip at 06:30 and its last trip at 01:00. Flight intervals will be provided every 5 minutes during peak (peak) hours. Akçaray will provide citizens with a fast, safe and comfortable transportation opportunity.

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