What is the Difference Between a Blow Dryer and a Hair Dryer?

What is the Difference Between Fon Machine and Hair Dryer
What is the Difference Between a Blow Dryer and a Hair Dryer

hair dryer and hair dryer They are two tools that are generally confused but have different purposes of use. With hair dryers, only hair drying is done, while blow dryers also have the feature of styling the hair while drying it. Hair dryers are generally used in hairdressers and beauty centers, while hair dryers are found in almost all homes.

The hot air protection found in hair dryers is not available in blow dryers. It is not possible to blow dry with hair dryers because; When the resistance reaches a certain temperature in hair dryers, the thermostat automatically turns off the resistance in order to extend the life of the engine and protect the engine. In this way, the machine switches to cold blowing. For this reason, it may be possible to blow dry with hair dryers.

Purpose of hair dryer

Hair dryers only function to dry the hair by blowing hot air. Hair dryers work by blowing the heated air by a fan connected to the electric motor with the help of a resistance. These machines are manufactured only for drying the hair. The resistance and motor structures have enough power to dry hair only. Many hair dryers are sold, ranging from 600 watts to 1400 watts. Hair dryers generally fall under the category of electrical appliances and are offered for sale in this category. Hair dryers are technically wide-mouthed and their motor speed is lower than blow dryers.

The blow dryer does both.

Blow dryers are produced for both drying the hair, preventing the hair from frizz and styling the hair. Although the main purpose of blow dryers is not to dry the hair, they are also frequently used for this purpose. Blow dryers blow more hot air than hair dryers. At the same time, there is a system for cold air outlet, so that the hair is shaped with hot air and the shape given with cold air is more permanent. Since the air outlet is narrow in blow dryers, the speed of the air increases. The fast air takes out the very hot air formed in the strong resistance inside. This makes it easier to style the hair. The cold air part should also be used after the shaping process.

Blow dryers can also be considered as the very advanced best hair dryers. The best blow dryers are designed and produced with the aim of shaping the hair by blowing high-temperature compressed air. For this reason, these professional machines have very powerful resistors and motors. Professional blow dryers are often preferred by hairdressers.

Products of high quality brands should be preferred when providing a blow dryer. Having a turbo or mega-turbo engine will help both dry the hair faster and give it a better shape. In order to give permanent shapes, there should be a cooling button and blow dryers designed to distribute the heat equally should be preferred.


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