Volkan Atlas Presented His First Single Love Crimes to Music Lovers

Volkan Atlas' First Single Love Crimes
Volkan Atlas, First Single Love Crimes

Volkan Atlas, who has been interested in music from an early age and one of the well-known names of the Izmir pharmacy industry, presented his first single, Aşk Crimes, to music lovers.

The first song in Turkish slow pop style. YouTube and other digital music platforms, Atlas said that the song tells the story of a breakup.

Volkan Atlas stated that the clip and arrangement of Love Crimes, whose lyrics and music belongs to İzmir dentist Serdar Devrim Erkmen, was performed by Korat Eriş with the Ramp Music label, and that the music video for the song was shot in Seferihisar and Çeşme.

Stating that he has been interested in music as an amateur for years and has been singing in friendly assemblies, Volkan Atlas said, “During a meeting, I received an offer to sing. After I sang a few songs and my dear friend dentist Serdar Devrim Erkmen expressed that he liked my voice very much and that he had his own compositions, he made me listen to Love Crimes. Our musical journey, which started in this way, came to life thanks to the important support of Korat Eriş and reached music lovers.”

Expressing that he has been taking singing lessons from Izmir State Opera and Ballet Artist Nurgün Baburhan for a while, Atlas said: “My dream was to listen to my own song while driving in the car one day. I wanted to leave a lasting legacy in life. In the next period, I will continue to meet music lovers with different songs whose lyrics and compositions belong to Serdar Devrim Erkmen.”

Volkan Atlas' First Single Love Crimes

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