Konya Stands Out in Water Tank Exports

Water Tank Export
Water Tank Export

Brs Plastik has taken its place among the leading companies of Turkey in the export of water tanks. It continues its activities, which started as a plastic water tank manufacturing in Konya, without compromising its quality policy. Plastic water tanks, plastic barriers, plastic illuminated furniture, Plastic hobby greenhouse products and Plastic ornaments produced from polyethylene raw material are in demand all over the world.

Brs Plastic As a result of continuous R&D studies, it adds new products to its product range every day and exports different plastic water tanks and plastic products to America, Japan, European Union countries, Middle East countries and African countries.

Plastic Water Tanks

Water is a necessity. The importance of water is understood more and more in the world where global warming is increasing day by day. The importance of the plastic water tank increases considerably, especially in the water cuts in the regions where urbanization is intense. The importance of storage in order to use water more efficiently is understood better day by day. Plastic water tanks are needed for conscious irrigation in agricultural activities. In order to meet such needs, Brs Plastik carries out the necessary studies and produces suitable products.

Produced from polyethylene raw material plastic water tank The products have all the certificates in accordance with the food regulations. It is designed and produced according to the places and regions to be used. It is observed that all products produced are highly resistant to impacts that may come from outside. Colored products are resistant to sunlight and do not form algae. It produces in different sizes from 18 liters to 20 tons of water tanks.

The 18 liter plastic water tank is designed to meet daily needs and for use in vehicles.

Due to the low volume of 50,100, 200, 300 and 500 liter square water tanks with breakwaters, they are designed and produced to contain water in workplaces, homes and vehicles.

Plastic water tanks with breakwaters are generally used in mobile vehicles, yachts and caravans. In order to prevent the movements of water in vehicles that are in motion, thanks to the specially designed recesses and protrusions in the products called Dalgakıran, the noises that may arise are prevented by ensuring that the water remains stationary without fluctuation. Square plastic water tanks, on the other hand, are produced for areas that can be used in a stable manner. There are two kinds of special design products for caravan vehicles, 60 and 80 liter caravan type plastic water tanks.

Other plastic water tanks are produced in three ways: vertical, horizontal and flat.

Vertical plastic water tanks 1,2,3 and 5,10 tons There are 20 types of products. Our products are produced by being designed according to the places where they will be used in different sizes. These products are produced to store water in the basements or roofs of houses, in workplaces, in water-operated machines or in garden irrigation, in short, wherever water needs to be stored.

Horizontal tanks, on the other hand, are produced with a special design so that there is no fluctuation, especially in terms of water transport by vehicles. These products are produced in different sizes according to the densities of the products to be stored. It is also preferred for storing water in homes, workplaces and garden irrigation, such as vertical plastic water tanks.

Plastic Barriers

Plastic barriers product group is in high demand from abroad. This product is exported to many countries with its ergonomic structure and features. The products have proven their quality and been accepted by passing all tests in the best way possible.

As pickle juice, turnip juice and liquid food storages;

Especially the big companies producing in our country prefer the warehouses produced by Brs Plastik. The reasons for preference are because the substances we use in our products have the most appropriate values ​​in all tests in terms of health. We have all the certificates given by the relevant ministry for the products produced for food.

There are warehouse productions of all sizes and sizes for food and other chemicals. Wall thicknesses may vary according to the density of the product used in these products. You can get answers to all your questions from expert personnel by calling company representatives for information on this subject.

Illuminated (Led) Li Products

In this product range, as the slogan "You imagine, we produce the model” The molds of the products that the customers have envisioned are prepared by the company and their production is carried out. There are many varieties in this product group.

Many products such as illuminated sofa sets, bistro tables, bistro square tables, welcome tables, coffee tables, illuminated stairs, cubes and balls, which are especially in demand for use in entertainment venues, are produced by companies.

Sun loungers, illuminated flower pots, lighting poles, illuminated welcome tables in lobbies, illuminated stairs, illuminated furniture, illuminated paving stones, luminous mushrooms are preferred by hotels.

Hobby Greenhouse Products

Hobby Greenhouse products, designed especially during pandemic periods, so that our people can deal with the soil when they are closed at home, are products designed to grow organically in areas that are not used on the balconies of the houses, on the terraces of the houses. In addition, these products have been a good education model for children to observe the time taken for the cultivation of the product. In this way, people are provided with therapy by dealing with the soil. Such products are especially preferred by our citizens living in big cities.

 Rotation and Molding

Konya plastic Water tank In this process, which started as products, some plastic water tanks produced as finished goods are high in terms of transportation costs due to their high volumes. If it is sent as a semi-finished product, great savings are achieved. For this reason, we aim to produce by positioning the rotation machines in different regions of our country. In addition, the company has the capacity to manufacture rotation machines.

As molding, products are collected by working with engineers who are experts in their business.

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