Interest-Free Consumer Loan Support Campaign for Istanbulkart Holders

Interest-Free and No-Expense Consumer Loan Support Campaign for Istanbulkart Members
Interest-Free Consumer Loan Support Campaign for Istanbulkart Holders

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with Fibabanka, launched a special interest-free consumer loan support campaign for Istanbulkart holders. In this context, applicants will be able to use loans from 500 TL to 2.500 TL interest-free, free of charge, or from 2.500 TL to 5.000 TL with a maturity of 24 months. The credit, which can be used wherever Istanbulkart is valid, can also be transferred to the account in cash if the user wishes.

BELBİM A.Ş., a subsidiary company of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), which aims to be there for the people of Istanbul in times of need, collaborated with Fibabanka for the people of Istanbul. Special for Istanbulkart holders, with 2500-month payments of up to 5 TL, interest-free, and up to 5000 TL with a maturity of up to 24 months + Digital Balance opportunity. The amount loaded on Istanbulkart Mobil's digital card can be used for transportation via the digital card or transferred to Istanbulkart wherever Istanbulkart passes.

+ Digital Balance loaded from Istanbulkart Mobile can be transferred to a personalized Istanbulkart using the money transfer feature. The given order can be defined from smart phones with NFC technology, ticket machines, public transportation pass and payment devices or POS devices at shopping payment points where Istanbulkart passes.


If the user wants to use the consumer credit loaded on his digital card in cash, he/she will apply to the Istanbulkart Application Center with a wet signed petition with the IBAN information and a photocopy of the identity card with him. For this, first the amount in the Digital Card will be transferred to the Istanbulkart, then the EFT transaction fee will be deducted from the balance in the Istanbulkart, and an EFT application will be created. After these transactions, the requested cash can be transferred to the specified account by completing the EFT transaction within 3 working days.


With + Digital Balance transferred to Istanbulkart, chain markets such as A101, BİM, CarrefourSA, Migros, ŞOK Markets, cafes-restaurants with multinet points and local markets, Getir, Beltur, İBB Social Facilities, Hamidiye vending machines, İşbank contracted Payment can be made with Istanbulkart in clothing, cosmetics, needs, museums, public grocery stores, ISPARK parking lots, transportation, BiTaksi, iTaksi, intercity bus companies, bill payment dealers affiliated with FÖY and Fikirmatik, where POS devices are available.


- Applications for the campaign will only be made to Fibabanka through Belbim digital channels. Approved credit balances will be uploaded to the applicant's digital card by Fibabanka.

-To benefit from the campaign, at least one physical Istanbulkart must be defined and personalized to Istanbulkart Mobil.

– The +Digital Balance transferred from Mobile can be transferred to a personalized Istanbulkart using the money transfer feature. The given order can be defined from phones with NFC, ticket machines, public transportation pass and payment devices or the POS device at the shopping payment point where Istanbulkart passes. Transfer limit is 1.000 TL at one time

-Digital card and Istanbulkart limits are updated monthly. The maximum amount you can apply to benefit from the campaign is limited to 5.000 TL per month.

– You can benefit from the campaign only once a month. If you want to use it again in the following months, the usable limit of the digital card should be 5.000 TL.

-The campaign is valid for individual customers (real persons) over the age of 18. The maximum age limit is 70.

-Fibabanka reserves the right to make changes in the interest rates and campaign conditions, to make the final decision for the use of the approved amount, to request a guarantor, collateral and additional information/document from the customer, and not to allow the loan amount to be used. Before signing the relevant documents regarding the application, you will be informed with an information form about the interest rate, all costs, fees and commissions.

- Users whose applications are approved will be informed via SMS. If the application result is negative, instant notification will be provided by Fibabanka.

-There is no allocation fee and life insurance within the scope of the campaign.

With the balance transferred to the digital card, all public transportation payments, except Marmaray, can be paid with a QR code.

Users who benefit from the Plus Digital Balance campaign become Fibabanka customers through mobile during the application process. Fibabanka opens an account on behalf of the user with the approval of the applicant.

– The start date of the campaign is 16.05.2022 and the ending date is 18.07.2022.

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