How Did The Marmaris Forest Fire Start, By Who?

How Was The Marmaris Forest Fire Started By Who?
How Marmaris Forest Fire Started, By Who

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu gave information about the forest fire that broke out and still continues in Marmaris district of Muğla.

Minister Soylu stated the following in his speech:

“As of the night, our work continued until the morning. From the morning onwards, work continues on land and in the air with new teams. For the first time, TAF helicopters, which can throw 7 to 10 tons of water at once, are on duty.

We are not experiencing our first disaster. We faced the biggest fires in the world last year. With the sacrifices made by each of our organizations, the struggle has been put forward together.

We are all children of this country. If there is a fire, it is our responsibility to save even a tree. Since the beginning of this year, our Ministry of Forestry has sat down with all our institutions and demonstrated how public vehicles can be used.

As for helicopters with night vision, this is a very risky business. I don't know if they know how many places in the world it has been made. Plans were made for night vision helicopters. Helicopters with night vision will start flights today-tomorrow. We have a determination as to how the fire started and by whom.”

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