Is Mükremin Traveler Arrested? Who is Mükremin Gezgin, How old is he, Where is he from?

Mukremin Traveler Arrested
Mükremin Gezgin Is Arrested

It is wondered whether the TikTok phenomenon Mükremin Gezgin, who received the reaction of all segments with his scandalous posts, was arrested or not and the latest situation. Who is Mükremin Seyahat, is he married? Who is Mükremin's traveler's wife and where is he from?

Is Mükremin Traveler Arrested?

TikTok phenomenon Mükremin Gezgin, who first said that she was pregnant and deceived her followers, made some people believe that she was pregnant by sharing videos and photos with the abdomen she used. The scandals in his posts are increasing day by day, and the last thing he did was a great reaction. Traveling, who shared a video from the delivery room of a hospital and said that she gave birth to a baby boy, shared a photo by taking a small baby on her lap, from where she found it. Thousands of people reacted to the event. An investigation was launched by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the incident, which also drew reactions from celebrities.

The TikTok account of Mükremin Gezgin, whose investigation was opened due to the reactions following the scandalous pregnancy and birth fiction, was closed. There was no information about where the TikTok phenomenon Traveler is now.

Who is Mükremin Gezgin, How old is he, Where is he from?

Mükremin Seyahat is a Tiktoker and social media phenomenon famous for his Tiktok videos. It is known that he was born on April 8, 1998 in Ankara.

Mükremin Gezgin has a total of 1.3 million followers on TikTok. The total number of likes on Tiktok is 37.4 million.

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