Gendarmerie's 'Sensitive Noses' Prepare for Operations with Helicopter Training

Sensitive Noses of Gendarmerie Prepare for Operations with Helicopter Training
Gendarmerie's 'Sensitive Noses' Prepare for Operations with Helicopter Training

At the Gendarmerie Horse and Dog Training Center (JAKEM), operating in Nevşehir, the dogs that will accompany the Gendarmerie under difficult conditions are getting ready for duty with the training using helicopters.

In the Gendarmerie Dog Training Unit Command in JAKEM, which started its activities in 2003 under the Gendarmerie General Command, dogs are given special training in order to take part in the operations of the gendarmerie in Turkey and abroad.

In JAKEM, which serves as an international training center for the use of dogs for the security and public order tasks of the Gendarmerie teams, dogs trained in search and rescue, bomb and mine search, tracking, patrolling, drug search, reconnaissance and fire detection take part in various operations.

Dogs that have been trained in the center since their puppies with the "user personnel" are also supported by helicopters at various times to get used to the operational environment.

Experience in helicopter embarkation and disembarkation, helicopter evacuation kazan“Sensitive noses” and their colleagues are being trained in Nevşehir skies.

Various Country Personnel Are Also Trained at JAKEM

JAKEM Commander Gendarmerie Colonel İlyas Uysal stated that in line with the demands, personnel from different friendly countries received training at JAKEM within the quota determined by the Gendarmerie General Command.

Uysal stated that the dogs have been subjected to various trainings with "user personnel" since their puppies at the center, and said, "We continue to provide courses in line with the demands from countries such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Mauritania, Djibouti and Qatar. JAKEM Command represents our country and the gendarmerie in the international arena as well as nationally.” said.

JAKEM Dog Training Course Company Commander Gendarmerie First Lieutenant Aydın Tekin said that "duty dog ​​user personnel" are trained for 14 to 24 weeks, according to their branches.

Emphasizing that the personnel are carefully selected, Tekin said, “We select our trainee personnel from among the willing gendarmerie personnel, whose colleagues love dogs very much and establish good friendships with them, and then pass them through various pre-selection tests. The personnel who successfully complete the course are sent to their unit with the dog they trained.” he said.

Dogs Are Trained to Work in All Conditions and Situations

JAKEM Search and Rescue Dog Training Division Commander Gendarmerie Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Sevinç Uğurateş also stated that dogs are included in various trainings in order to ensure success in operational duties in the country and abroad.

Explaining that the dogs are also trained by helicopter so that they can become self-confident in their transfer by air vehicles, Uğurateş said: “Our dogs are trained in the training areas within our unit. kazanIn order to show their skills in different environments and to reinforce their education, they are assigned to work in different terrain and climatic conditions. Since dogs, our loyal friends and colleagues, are trained to perform their duties in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions during training, they may encounter air vehicles during duty as well as on land and sea. For this reason, our dogs can approach the aircraft without being afraid of the loud noise and wind, thanks to their helicopter boarding and landing training.”

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