Capacity Increase in Train Lines Due to Feast of Sacrifice

Capacity Increase in Train Lines Due to Eid-al-Adha
Capacity Increase in Train Lines Due to Feast of Sacrifice

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that an additional capacity increase of 11 thousand 838 people, 39 thousand 800 on the High Speed ​​​​Train lines and 51 thousand 638 on the main line and regional trains, was made during the Eid al-Adha. The ministry pointed out that the tickets will go on sale from tomorrow.

In the written statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it was reported that TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ increased its capacity by adding additional flights to the trains in order to meet the increasing passenger demand due to the Eid al-Adha.

In the statement, it was stated that a total of 6 wagons were added to the mainline and regional trains in the 15-day period covering the 10-640th of July, and the capacity was increased by 39 seats in total.

In the statement, "Izmir Blue Express, 4 September Blue Express, Eastern Express, Pamukkale Express, Konya Blue Express, Güney/Van Lake Express, Aegean Express, Erciyes Express, Toros Express, Fırat Express, Ankara Express, Island Express. In addition, Uzunköprü-Halkalı, Kapikule-Halkalı Seat increase was also achieved in regional trains.

High-Speed ​​Trains (YHT), on the other hand, emphasized that additional flights are being organized, and said, “A total of 7 passenger capacity increase was made in YHTs that operate between Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara between 18-7 July. In the same period, a total of 8 passenger capacity increase was achieved in YHTs operating between Konya-Istanbul-Konya. Thus, a total of 4 passenger capacity increases were achieved on the Ankara-Istanbul and Konya-Istanbul lines.

In the statement, which announced that an additional capacity increase for a total of 51 thousand 638 people was made, it was underlined that the tickets would be put on sale from tomorrow.

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