Commercial Areas to be Rented at Rize Artvin Airport by Tender

Commercial Areas to be Leased by Tender at Rize Artvin Airport
Commercial Areas to be Rented at Rize Artvin Airport by Tender

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority leases out the commercial areas located in the Rize-Artvin Airport terminal building. According to the announcement on the announcement portal of the Press Advertisement Agency,, the restaurant area in the departure lounge, 2 massage chair areas and interior space. The souvenir sales area in the passenger-free lounge will be tendered with open tender method and will be rented until 31.12.2022.


1. Rize-Artvin Airport terminal building; – The area of ​​010 m² in total, numbered B-Z160,09 (011 m²), B-Z17,85 (Service area 012 m²) and B-Z44,81 (Kitchen 222,75 m²) located in the Departure Hall, VAT as restaurant area including monthly 20.000.-TL (Twenty thousand TL),

  • 2.-TL (ThousandTL) per month including VAT for each of the 1.000 massage chair areas in the Departure Hall,
  • Tender with open tender procedure in accordance with the attached contract draft and tender specifications over the estimated rental prices of 052.-TL (Nine thousand TL) monthly including VAT, in the 20,63 m² space of 9.000 m² in the Domestic Departure Departure Hall, No. B-Z31.12.2022. It will be rented until XNUMX.

2. Contract drafts and tender specifications for the said locations can be obtained from DHMI General Directorate of Marketing and Commerce Department and Rize-Artvin Airport Directorate for 250.-TL (Twohundred and FiftyTL) including VAT for each volume.

3. Those who want to participate in the tender;

  • 010.-TL (Fifty thousand TL) for the restaurant area B-Z011, B-Z012 and B-Z50.000 in the Departures Hall,
  • 2.-TL (Five thousand TL) for each of the 5.000 massage seats in the Departure Hall,
  • They will provide a temporary guarantee of 052.-TL (Twenty thousand TL) for the souvenir shop No. B-Z20.000 in the Domestic Departure Passenger Cleaned Lounge.

4. Those who aspire to the places to be rented shall complete the documents specified in the conditions of participation in the tender until 14:06 on 2022/10/00 and submit them to the Document Unit of DHMI Rize-Artvin Airport Directorate. Applications made after the specified date and time and applications made by mail will not be accepted.

5. Applications of those who do not bring the requested documents incomplete, incorrectly or on time will be deemed not made.

6. The petitions previously submitted to our Administration regarding the said areas are invalid.

7. Tenders will be held at DHMI Rize-Artvin Airport Directorate on 14/06/2022 at 10:30.

8. Our organization is not subject to the State Tender Law No. 2886 and the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 in this tender, and is free to make the tender or not.

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