Balıkesir Bandırma Train Services Start Again

Balikesir Bandirma Train Services Start Again
Balıkesir Bandırma Train Services Start Again

Train services between Balıkesir and Bandırma start again as of Monday.

The journey between Balıkesir and Bandırma will take 1 hour and 39 minutes. The flights from Balıkesir to Bandırma will start at 12:00 every day, and from Bandırma to Balıkesir at 16:00. Since the Aegean Express trains have been contacted, there will be transfers from Balıkesir to İzmir and Eskişehir directions.

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  1. and connect to the Izmir blue train and provide transportation to Ankara.

  2. Look, if an integrated system is built to Izmir blue as a departure from Bandırma at night at 21.30 at night and return at 06.30 in the morning, it will be a very good service for passenger groups in the direction of Ankara in Bandırma region.