Who is Rona Aybay? How old was Rona Aybay? Did Rona Aybay Die, When Did She Die?

Rona Aybay
Rona Aybay

prof. Dr. Rona Aybay passed away yesterday. The Union of Turkish Bar Associations announced the death of Rona Aybay on Twitter. After the news that shocked his fans, the life of the famous lawyer and writer was wondered. So who is Rona Aybay? How old was Rona Aybay? Did Rona Aybay die, when did she die? Here are the details in this news…

The deceased Prof. Dr. Researches about Rona Aybay speed up kazanwas. Rona Aybay, who is among the well-known names of the country, was a lawyer, academic, and writer at the same time.

Rona Aybay 1935 year İstanbul He was born. Rona Aybay, who received her education at the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University, also completed her doctorate. She completed her master's degree in comparative law at Columbia University in New York, USA in 1964.

He earned his associate professorship in 1973. kazanAn Rona Aybay, then received the title of professor.
Rona Aybay successfully served as the head of the Department of Public Administration at Middle East Technical University (METU), the dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at METU, and the vice dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University. After the September 12 coup, she came back to the university with the decision of the Council of State, 7 years after she was dismissed from the university. Rona Aybay has 11 books.

Rona Aybay passed away on April 5, 2022. He will be buried on Saturday, May 7, after the funeral, which will be held in Iznik Green Mosque.

The Union of Turkish Bar Associations, in the message it shared, 'Our painful loss. One of the former presidents of the Human Rights Center of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (2006-2011), valuable scientist Atty. prof. Dr. We are saddened by the loss of Rona Aybay," he said.

Rona Aybay Books

  • Comparative 1961 Constitution (1963),
  • Robert Owen (1970, 2005 and 2012) and Citizenship Law (1982, reprint 2006),
  • International Conflict of Laws (Conflict of Laws) (2005) and Foreigners Law (2005, new edition 2007) with Esra Dardagan,
  • International Judiciary (2013), Consulate in terms of History and Law (2009),
  • Human Rights Law (2015), Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2016),
  • Public International Law (with Elif Oral, 2016),
  • General Public Law (2017), An Introduction to Law (sixth edition 2018)

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