Turkish Aerospace Industry Became Turkey PCT Patent Champion

Turk Aviation and Space Industry Becomes Turkey PCT Patent Champion
Turkish Aerospace Industry Became Turkey PCT Patent Champion

According to the report on the "patenteffect.com" website, Turkish Aerospace Industries became the champion of Turkey in the first quarter of 2022 in international patent applications made to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

As of 2022, Turkish Aerospace Industries, which made 175 national and 87 international applications, reached 78 applications for utility models. 232 of the national, international and utility model applications were made in the last 3 years. Turkish Aerospace Industries, which received the "WIPO Best Domestic Invention Award", "Sertaç Köksaldı Intellectual Property Rights Achievement Award", ISIF'19 GRAND PRIX and IFIA GRAND PRIX awards, respectively, in previous years, carries out studies that will increase the patent application and quality.

While there are patent applications for the air data computer, flight computer, navigation systems and landing systems used in ANKA, there are also patent applications for the thermal trace increasing system to be used in ŞİMŞEK, flight control mechanisms on HÜRKUŞ and HÜRJET aircraft. In addition, there are patents on nanomaterials, composites and additive manufacturing methods to produce aircraft structural parts.

Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil spoke about the importance of Turkey's PCT Patent Championship as follows: “There is a significant increase in our patent applications every year compared to the previous year. Patents are the most realistic indicators of the current work of companies and the areas in which companies will invest in the next ten or twenty years. Companies that use patent engineering correctly in this context stand out compared to others. Patents are direct and indirect business income for the company. Today, a large part of companies' income is spent on patents, utility models and brands, etc. began to form intangible assets. Therefore, patents should be considered as very important financial resources that can be considered as investments for the future.”

Turkish Aerospace Industry has grown by 2018% every year compared to the previous year in national, international and utility model applications since 50. While Turkish Aerospace Industries achieved a 2020% increase in annual patent registration in the 2021rd quarter of 3 compared to 100, it made international patent applications for patent protection to a total of 2021 countries abroad in the first half of 109.

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