Subaşı Mechanical Parking Lot Completed Test Process Continues

Subasi Mechanic Parking Lot Completed Test Process Continues
Subaşı Mechanical Parking Lot Completed Test Process Continues

The 2-storey Mechanical Parking Lot construction by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has been completed. The testing process of the mechanical system continues. The system, which allows drivers to park their vehicles untouched, will be put into service as soon as possible. The 2-storey mechanical car park built by the Metropolitan Municipality in Subaşı Square is counting the days for its opening. The parking lot, which will serve with a fully autonomous system and software with high speed-energy efficiency, will take between 3 and 5 minutes for a vehicle to be brought. With the opening of the parking lot, where the test phases are currently being carried out, the traffic chaos in the region will come to an end.

In the parking lot, the time to bring a vehicle will also be between 3 and 5 minutes. Parking lot that can be monitored with security cameras 24 hours a day; Designed according to the latest technology. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “The construction works of the Subaşı Mechanical Parking Lot, which we built on a total area of ​​​​1472 square meters, are completely finished. Test phases are ongoing. The parking lot structure is a fully automatic mechanical system and was built on 2 floors. Domestic technology was also used in the engineering, design, software, manufacturing and application of this place.

President Demir said, “The car park will work with a system that allows drivers to park their vehicles untouched. With this project, we will not only make an aesthetic contribution to Samsun in terms of urbanism, but also offer a technological, practical, economical and reliable solution to our fellow citizens.

The parking lot, which is still in testing phase, is planned to be put into service after the landscaping works are completed.

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