News From Heaven: Toxic Eclipse in Scorpio

Toxic Eclipse in Scorpio
Toxic Eclipse in Scorpio

The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio will occur on May 16, 2022.

Eclipses occur only twice a year during the eclipse season, as the Sun and Moon are aligned near or above the Node Axis. Eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis occur only once every 19 years, and the last eclipses on this axis occurred in 2003 and 2004.
Instead of a Scorpio spilling her venom for 6 months, she can see a Scorpio drowning in poison. The spiritual influence of the moon will affect all signs, but Scorpio and Taurus will feel it the most. Fixed stars and asteroids in the chart of the moment will most passionately reveal the balance of an imbalance in the masculine - feminine meaning in the chart.

Note that these are general comments. Of course, now that you know that every chart is as different as a fingerprint, you can have a Natal Chart Analysis to be aware of the effects specific to your chart. If you want to interpret the map of your loved ones, you can join my trainings.
May is also ready to ignite the passion in your love life with its cool weather, perhaps snowfall, natural disasters and events.

The summer will be marked by the rise of leaders, dead kings or rotten corpses, rotten emotions, rotten gossip, lust killings and suicides, murders, poisonous substances, underground mines and intelligence agencies.

While Eclipse is handling the logistics industry with its different dimensions, sea and sea routes will be discussed a lot. At the same time, cross-border operations may increase much more while having problems with the countries that have a coast to our seas.

Riots or any kind of secret structure like that can confuse the society. In addition, the sale of foreign, toxic and harmful drugs, the people who trade them and their explanations will be talked about a lot.
The pandemic process is coming back in a way that is transmitted through blood and sexuality, diseases such as cervical cancer will be among the topics to be talked about a lot.

Earthquakes and mining accidents, volcanic movements, tsunami can be annoying. There may be agendas related to incredible traffic accidents or documents that will emerge as a result of such accidents. Were the economic crises artificial? There may be questions. It will be a great time to realize that we are entering a different cycle from autumn to winter.

While underground values ​​and treasures will come to the fore, religious leaders and sects will be discussed with their different faces.

Sexual abuse and child, organ trafficking or kidnapping will be the agendas where women are abused and this issue will be discussed.

It gives you a great desire to understand what is important to you with the Saturn related side.
For example, would you want to be the CEO of your own company in a few years, or would you be happier working for someone else without the added stress of owning a business?

But where do you live: Do you finally want to make that cross-country crossing you've been thinking of, or is it just not for you in the end? Saturn also tends to reveal the reality of life. Sticking to the truth and learning to roll with the punches will make you more flexible and mobile in the future. It's a balancing act, you know?

Planets squared with this strong lunar eclipse by the influence of the lunar nodes, during the influence of Saturn and the retrograde of Mercury sometimes something has to be sent, something has to take a different path, things will not change until something goes.

We have made various live broadcasts of this sky event, you can watch it from the links below. ve

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