Have the BİLSEM Exam Results Been Announced? BİLSEM Exam Results Inquiry 2022

Are BILSEM Exam Results Announced? BILSEM Exam Results Inquiry
Have BİLSEM Exam Results Announced? BİLSEM Exam Results Inquiry 2022

When and what time the BİLSEM exam results will be announced is closely monitored. A date was announced by the Ministry of National Education regarding the results of BİLSEM. Evaluation of students according to their talent areas was completed between 19 February and 8 May. In the guide published by the Ministry, the details became clear. After the announcement of BİLSEM results, the individual evaluation phase will begin.

When Will BİLSEM Exam Results Be Announced?

BİLSEM exam results will be announced on 13 May. right of registration kazanThe next students will be announced on August 19, 2022. Individual evaluation appointments will be made between May 16 and May 30.

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BİLSEM Individual Evaluation Exam Dates

Students who will be evaluated after the first exam of Science and Art Centers will be taken to BİLSEM exams from June 13 to August 12.

If I knew the calendar 2022

  • Evaluation process: 19 March - 8 May 2022
  • Right to evaluation kazanAnnouncement of students: 13 May 2022
  • Receiving appeal applications: 16-23 May 2022
  • Evaluation of objections: 24-30 May 2022
  • right of registration kazanAnnouncement of students: 19 August 2022

How to Objection to BİLSEM Exam Results?

Objections will be made to the provincial diagnostic examination commissions within 5 (five) working days following the publication of the preliminary assessment and individual assessment results on meb.gov.tr.

Objections to the preliminary evaluation and individual evaluation results will be evaluated by the provincial diagnostic examination commissions.

For individual evaluation results; A copy of the materials belonging to the objection applications will be requested from the application centers by the provincial diagnostic examination commissions. Application centers, by ensuring the confidentiality and security of the said materials in a closed envelope; The originals will be sent to the provincial identification examination commissions, provided that they remain with them.

No documents regarding the contents of the preliminary evaluation and individual evaluation will be published or shared.

Objections made via fax and e-mail will not be considered.

How is BİLSEM Measurement and Evaluation Done?

Student evaluation process at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade levels in science and art centers is carried out by following the steps below:

  • a) Group scanning application with tablet computer
  • b) Taking the students who are successful in the group screening application into individual evaluation according to their skill areas.

Students who are successful in the group screening application will be evaluated individually according to their talent areas (general mental, painting and musical talent) on the date and time notified to them.

What is BİLSEM?

Science and art centers (BILSEM); They are special education institutions opened to provide support education to students who continue to formal education institutions and are diagnosed as having special talents in the fields of general mental ability, visual arts or musical talent, in order to improve their abilities and enable them to use their capacities at the highest level.

  1. Stage: Nomination of Candidates The teacher fills in an observation form appropriate to the student's ability area.
  2. Stage: Bilsem Exam Group Screening Students who are nominated are subjected to group screening.
  3. Stage: Bilsem Exam Individual Evaluation Students who are successful in the group screening stage are taken to the individual evaluation stage.

Individual assessments are made separately in the areas of general mental, painting and musical abilities. Students who pass the point threshold determined by the General Directorate during the individual evaluation stage are entitled to be placed in the science and art center. kazanwill work. Works and procedures related to the student selection process for science and art centers will be carried out by the provincial identification examination commissions.

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