Alanya Uzumlu Road is Expanded

Extending Alanya Uzumlu Road
Alanya Uzumlu Road is Expanded

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is expanding the 3-kilometer road of Alanya's Üzümlü District. Stone walls are being built on the road with rainwater drains and stockade work, as well as in areas with dents and landslide hazards.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department Alanya teams continue their intensive work in the rural areas of the district. The group road of Üzümlü Neighborhood in Dim Valley was narrow and insufficient, causing problems in transportation. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department teams are working on expanding the 3-kilometer road, which was included in the construction program this year.


Along with the widening works on the road, rain water drains and stockades are being made. In addition, stone wall works are carried out in places where there is a danger of dents and landslides. While the infrastructure of 90 percent of the road is being completed, the road will be paved with the opening of this summer season and a more comfortable transportation service will be offered to the people of the region.


Nebi Avcı, Headman of Üzümlü District, said, “We conveyed our request to the Metropolitan Municipality for the widening, infrastructure and asphalt of this narrow road where we have difficulties in transportation. Thanks to Muhittin Insect, our president fulfilled our request immediately. The widening of our road is about to be completed. In the summer season, asphalt will be made. I would like to thank the President Muhittin Insect and his team.”

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