Anadolu University Social Media Specialist Program Gets Great Interest!

how to become a social media expert
how to become a social media expert

Anadolu University trains social media professionals of the future with years of experience and international education quality. Many journalists, writers, directors, producers, advertisers and human resources specialists, who have written their names in the social media sector with golden letters, continue to produce successful works as students of Anadolu University IBF.

Anadolu University IBF, which is always among the first three faculties with its success among 71 Communication Faculties in Turkey, is proud of being among the important schools in the world ranking. The institution, which has the distinction of being the only Faculty bearing the name of "Communication Sciences", also makes a name for itself with the educational opportunities it offers to its students. Dean Prof. Dr. Bülent Aydın Ertekin, Assistant Dean Assoc. Dr. Follow-up Vural and Assoc. Dr. Sevil Bayçu takes place.

Department of Public Relations and Advertising

IBF with a long history; The Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Department of Cinema and Television, Department of Press and Broadcasting, Department of Communication Design and Management, which provides education in Turkish, and which lasts for 5 years, one year of which is preparatory, and provides education in 30 percent English, trains qualified professional professionals in all fields of media. In addition, the student and academic staff exchange program offered by various cultural exchange programs is actively used in the departments. Thanks to the bilateral agreements made with many universities in the world in this field, students are also offered the opportunity to study abroad.

Faculty of Communication Sciences; It offers education with rich course contents related to different disciplines in social sciences such as Sociology, Psychology, Social Psychology, Art History, Aesthetics, International Communication, Business Administration, Public Administration, Political Communication, Philosophy, Law, Political Science, Entrepreneurship. In this field, students are provided with many opportunities to put into practice and practice what they have learned in the course, in addition to their theoretical learning. Students can practice in areas such as student studios, photography studios, news studio, dark room and editing rooms with the technical equipment provided by the Faculty.

Many workshops are held in the faculty in certain periods in which students can participate. As of the spring term of 2022, there are Camera Workshop, Applied Lighting Techniques Workshop, Editing Workshop, Public Relations and Advertising Workshop, Newspaper and Magazine Digital Layout and Printing Workshop, Basic Sound and Recording Techniques Workshop, Presenter and Effective Speech Workshop. In addition, students can earn additional income by taking part in various units of the Faculty on the days and hours determined in accordance with the curriculum, in the status of part-time student worker.

Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences provides many opportunities to its students in technical and cultural context. Şener Şen Cultural Center, four computer labs, two Macintosh and two PC, virtual reality studio, live broadcasting tool, green screen studio, eye tracking lab, application workshops, radio studio, digital photography studio, obscura camera room, A dark room, a photography studio, 16 editing rooms, a graphic design room, a sound studio, and the cameras and cameras provided by the Faculty for use in studies create technical opportunities that students can use whenever they want.

Students take an active role in Anadolu University Radio Radio A, which continues its broadcasts from the Faculty. Radio A has been broadcasting 24 hours a day since its inception, and 16 hours of broadcasts have been broadcast live. In addition to music broadcasts, information programs, interviews and news programs, mainly university news, are also included in Radio A's broadcast stream.

Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences supports its students in reflecting what they have learned in practice as well as academic knowledge. In this context, students have the opportunity to participate in many competitions in the field of communication and return with awards from many competitions.

Some of the competitions to which the students won awards so far are “International Advertising Association (IAA) Inter-University Advertising Competition, TRT Future Communicators, Turkish Journalists Association Aydın Doğan Young Communicators Competition, Golden Boll Film Festival, TÜHİD, Rekatlon Advertising Competition, Just Marketing Marketing and Advertising. Campaign Competition, Adventure Advertising Competition, Turkish Journalists Association Aydın Doğan Young Communicators Competition”.

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