North Korea Tests Rail-Based Missile

North Korea Tests Rail-Based Missile
North Korea Tests Rail-Based Missile

The North Korean administration confirmed that it launched 2 tactical guided missiles yesterday, explaining that the test is part of an exercise to test rail-based missile capabilities.

North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, which drew the reaction of the international community by carrying out the third missile test of 2022 the previous day, confirmed that it had launched two tactical guided missiles.

North Korean state agency KCNA announced that the latest test was part of an exercise to test the country's rail-based missile capabilities.

It was noted that within the scope of the exercise, which was stated to aim to check the combat readiness of the combatants in the railway missile regiment, the relevant military unit was ordered to fire without prior notice.

It was reported that targets in the Sea of ​​Japan were successfully hit.

Pyongyang administration has carried out 3 missile tests since the beginning of this month, and on January 5 and 11, it was announced that hypersonic missiles, which are shown as the defense technology of the future, were launched.

North Korea carried out its last rail-based missile test last September 15, and it was announced that the missiles, whose aim was to hit targets 800 kilometers away, were launched from a ramp system installed on the train.

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