New Solution for Urban Transport 100 Percent Electric Scooter, Piaggio 1

New Solution for Urban Transport 100 Percent Electric Scooter, Piaggio 1
New Solution for Urban Transport 100 Percent Electric Scooter, Piaggio 1

Speeding up investment in sustainable electric mobility vehicles in 2021 kazanIn line with this, Doğan Trend Automotive will bring the 2022% electric Piaggio 100 model of the perfect Italian design Piaggio together with Turkish motorcycle lovers in 1. Combining a simple, practical and light electric scooter with high quality and the most advanced technologies and safety features, Piaggio is getting ready to hit the streets of Turkey with the 100% electric Piaggio 1. With its easily removable battery, superior safety features, high luggage capacity and iconic design, the 1% electric scooter in three different versions, Piaggio 1, 1+ and 100 Aktif, will be offered to the Turkish market with the assurance of Doğan Trend as of February.

Piaggio Group, represented by Doğan Trend Automotive in Turkey, includes leading brands that offer models in the most preferred segments of the motorcycle world. Piaggio adds a brand new 100% electric model to these high-quality and high-demand models that revolutionizes the scooter world. With the Piaggio 50 model, which is driven by an electric motor integrated in the rear wheel and can produce as much power as 1 cc scooters, the brand breaking new ground in the e-scooter class once again proves that it is at the cutting edge of developing smart solutions for urban transportation. The brand's brand new electric mobility solution attracts attention as an ultra-modern e-scooter for urban commuting, combining agility, lightness, minimalism and practicality, as well as the quality and reliability typical of Piaggio. Piaggio 1, which will be put on sale in our country from February, draws attention with its attractive design that pays attention to the smallest detail, advanced comfort level and high level of ease of use, as well as advanced technological features such as digital color indicators, full LED lighting and keyless start system.

Three different versions with two different battery types:


Offered in two different color themes, Piaggio 1 is equipped with a 10 kg battery of 1,4 kWh. It offers a maximum speed of 45 km/h, a range of up to 55 km in ECO* mode, and a range of up to 48 km in SPORT mode (according to WMTC data).

  • PIAGGIO 1+

Equipped with a higher capacity 15 kWh battery weighing 2,3 kg, the Piaggio 1+ version offers a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a range of up to 100 km in ECO* mode.

In SPORT mode, it can offer a range of up to 68 km (according to WMTC data).


Just like the 1+ version, this version, which meets the consumer with a higher capacity 15 kWh battery weighing 2,3 kg, has a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Visually distinguishing from other versions with its red decorations on the rear wishbone, the Piaggio 1 Active version offers a range of up to 85 km in ECO* mode and up to 66 km in SPORT mode (according to WMTC data).

Pure Italian design

While the model's distinctive design embraces the minimalism required by urban electric transport, the impressive design does not compromise on the premium quality of materials and craftsmanship typical of Piaggio scooters. Both compact and protective, the front fairing features the Piaggio-specific 'tie' symbol at the top. LED headlights complement the vehicle's clean and curved side lines, supporting the dynamic look. The stylish and slim rear ends with LED thin taillights.

The feeling of quality is not only manifested in materials and workmanship. In addition, movement to the surfaces of the front fairings and side panels kazanDetails such as the special three-dimensional hexagonal pattern inspired by the revolving Piaggio logo and the double seat cover with a glossy surface on the sides represent the attention to detail.

Ergonomic and comfortable use details

In addition to ease of use in the city, ergonomics is among the most important elements in the design of the model. Despite the compact dimensions, the seat-footrest-handlebar triangle reveals the same proportions as traditional scooters in the Piaggio range. These dimensions provide a comfortable driving position thanks to the partially flat and wide footrest, while the passenger uses practical and robust foldable footrests. The handlebar design promotes ease of use.

The Piaggio 1 has many features that make it functional and usable in the city. One of them is the saddle. The comfortable and ergonomic saddle, with its 770 mm height, ensures that every user can safely step on the ground with their feet at any time. There is also a practical bag hook in the leg protection area and a USB port with a waterproof rubber cover.

Multipurpose LCD trip computer

The large 5,5-inch digital color LCD screen, free of rough plastic, adapts the background and font color according to the light intensity (day/night mode) thanks to its light sensor, thus providing a perfect view at all times. Driving information is displayed on the screen in a simple and easy-to-read, yet highly aesthetically pleasing graphic. In the middle is the speedometer. This much; energy level (used or recovered while driving kazanIt surrounds driving information such as battery charge level and remaining range. Driving information such as instant and average energy consumption, travel time, total and daily odometer (Road A and B) can be selected both on the instrument panel and by using the MODE button on the left control block. The driving mode is shown at the bottom of the screen. Driving modes can be selected using the MAP button on the right control block.

Charge in 220 hours with 6 volts

With the easily detachable and portable battery design, charging becomes very easy. The lithium-ion battery, like modern smartphones, requires no maintenance or special precautions. To charge, it is sufficient to connect it to the charger that comes with the vehicle. The standard time required for a full charge is 220 hours with 6 Volt energy. The battery provides excellent efficiency for up to 800 full charge cycles. Even after 800 charge cycles, it retains 70% of its battery capacity and offers excellent use.

Maximum practicality thanks to the removable battery

The Piaggio 1 was designed to make battery charging as easy as possible. In this way, it does not create a range problem while commuting from home to work or traveling in the city. In all versions, the battery can be removed in just a few seconds by disconnecting the cable connecting the battery to the vehicle. The battery, which has a handle, can be easily carried and charged easily in the home or office environment.

The only e-scooter in its class with its high seat capacity

The battery is located in the underseat compartment. But it doesn't require sacrificing functionality. The Piaggio 1 is the only e-scooter in its class to offer substantial luggage capacity, with an underseat storage compartment that can accommodate a full-size Jet (jaw open) helmet. While the saddle is opened with the ignition key, when the battery is removed, it can be locked with the key hidden in the remote control and the special lock on the left side panel.

Performance, power and efficiency combined

The electromotor, which provides power integrated into the rear wheel hub, has been developed with Piaggio's special technology. This app also contributes to making the layout of the e-scooter simple and compact. While the 1 and 1 + versions use an electric motor producing 1,2 kW, a 1 kW electric motor is activated in the 2 Active version. Electromotors always offer a lively and agile driving pleasure with the performance equivalent to traditional 50 cc scooters and the characteristic of electric motors that offer high traction from the first move.

Lightweight construction, modern lithium-ion battery and efficient kinetic energy recovery that charges the battery during deceleration kazanThanks to the IM system (KERS), all Piaggio 1 versions reveal a user-friendly structure with an advanced range level. The range reaches up to 1 km in version 100+.

Lightweight, robust and safe

Piaggio 1 incorporates the same technical solutions as traditional Piaggio scooter models. Uncompromising on its advanced chassis architecture, the Piaggio 1 is an extremely light vehicle (75 kg excluding battery, 1 kg in 79 Active version). Designed for enhanced performance and to withstand the stress of urban use, the chassis is made of pressed steel elements and steel tubing with a high level of rigidity. The suspension system, which is based on a single-arm fork with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and double hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear, offers superior driving comfort and driving safety. While hydraulic disc brakes with a diameter of 175 mm both at the front and rear provide effective braking performance, the 1 Active version also offers CBS brake function.

*Data stated were obtained from a full test drive at constant speed and may vary based on vehicle load, ambient temperature, wind speed, road condition and vehicle usage conditions. Battery capacity can be reduced by up to 20% due to factors such as the number of charges and how the battery is used.

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