Minimum Monthly Fixed Expenses of Families 3200 TL

Minimum Monthly Fixed Expenses of Families 3200 TL
Minimum Monthly Fixed Expenses of Families 3200 TL

With the price increases in the recent periods, the monthly minimum fixed expenditure of a family has increased to 3200 TL.

Turkey's first cash-back shopping site,, conducted a survey on the minimum fixed costs of a house where a family of 4 can live in a “healthy environment”, which does not include even basic needs such as food and clothing.

According to the survey conducted with Advantageix members, the biggest expense item in the family economy is rent. Although the rents vary greatly depending on the proximity to the center, luxury and size, the minimum rent of 3+1 houses with combi boilers, which can be lived in a healthy environment, starts from 1750 TL.

The second biggest item among fixed expenses is heating and natural gas used in the kitchen. According to the survey, the monthly average of the money paid for natural gas is 450 TL. The minimum amounts of other fixed expenses, respectively, are as follows:

Electricity: 300 TL, Telephone (4 lines): 250 TL, Apartment Fee: 200 TL, Water: 150 TL, Internet: 100 TL.


Apart from the monthly fixed expenses of the houses whose total amount reaches 3200 TL, another item that strains the family budgets is transportation costs.

In families that do not have a car, the monthly money that parents spend on public transportation to go to work and children to school reaches 900 TL.

If there are cars, the budgets are getting harder. Even the car that is never used and kept in front of the door, fixed expenses such as automobile insurance, traffic insurance, annual maintenance and inspection, divided by months, is at least 500 TL.

The fuel expenditure of a person who regularly commutes to the workplace of 10 kilometers with his car every day is approaching 1000 TL.


Güçlü Kayral, Co-Founder of, said that the increase in fixed expense items in the last months has led many families to “very tight savings”.

Kayral said, “Families with two minimum wages at home. kazan40-50 percent of their income is spent on fixed expenses. The family is left with very limited money for food, clothing, school, work and social life expenses. Even an ordinary grocery shopping now exceeds 500 TL. Families can only menstruate without excessive debt by applying very strict austerity measures.

Emphasizing that online shopping is the most effective way to "save hard", Güçlü Kayral said:

“The number one rule of saving is to reach the most affordable price of the product to be purchased. In physical shops, you can only reach this by traveling and researching a lot. However, you may not reach your full goal. The most affordable product you are looking for may not be in a store near you, but in another district or even in another province. In digital shopping, you can reach the most affordable price of each product by using comparison sites. With free shipping, it is only possible to buy goods and services from the farthest corner of Turkey through digital shopping. Shopping can become much more attractive when sites such as that pay cash for every purchase are used. One click is enough to reach discounts and campaigns at any time with opportunity sites. There is no travel fee for online shopping. The product arrives at your door. Therefore, the number of customers of digital markets is constantly increasing.”

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