What is Water Pollution, What are its Causes? How to Prevent Water Pollution?​

What is Water Pollution, What are its Causes? How to Prevent Water Pollution?​
What is Water Pollution, What are its Causes? How to Prevent Water Pollution?​

Water has an important place in the life of all living things. Animals and plants, especially humans, continue their lives dependent on water. Water pollution occurs when water, which is of vital importance for every living thing, becomes unusable due to some applications.

Using correct and effective methods is an important element in preventing water pollution and ensuring the continuity of water. In order to take measures to prevent water pollution, first of all, it is necessary to understand what causes the pollution. At this point, policies and organizations that can eliminate the elements that cause pollution are very important in creating a mass consciousness.

What is Water Pollution?

From factories to houses, from under the ground to the top of the ground, from the garden to the bathroom, the unusable water used in almost every part of our lives is called water pollution. Water pollution, which occurs when all kinds of water sources become idle directly or indirectly, is a very big problem in terms of managing the life of living things. The existence and survival of many other living and non-living beings, which people take into their bodies by drinking or eating, plants take and grow with their roots, depends on water.

Pollution of water areas such as seas and lakes causes damage or even extinction of many living species. Pollution of existing water resources with both domestic and industrial waste causes these resources to become unusable again. The inability to meet the water needed in many areas such as drinking, irrigation and cleaning is such a dangerous situation that it will bring daily life to a standstill.

What are the Causes of Water Pollution? How Does Pollution Occur?

“How does water pollution occur?” When we ask, we need to know what both underground and surface water pollution is in terms of formation. Pollution of groundwater begins when rainwater falls on the ground and passes into clean water in the lower layer. Unconscious and unplanned pollution of sewage waters, domestic wastes and industrial wastes to the water body under the ground is another source of pollution.

When it comes to the pollution of clean water on earth, the situation is not different from the pollution of groundwater. Rapid and unplanned urbanization, increasing population, industrialization and the increase of industrial wastes; water pollution is one of the leading causes. Again, plastics and chemical products, which are hard to disappear in nature, are not only a cause of water pollution, but also irreversibly pollute the soil and air of the environment that they have affected for years. Water pollution in Turkey generally occurs due to these factors. Apart from these, we can list the causes of pollution of surface and underground water in general as follows:

  • pesticides, chemical fertilizers
  • Streams leaking from the sewer system
  • non-recyclable waste
  • food waste
  • Heavy metals
  • Toxic substances released from factories and farms
  • Waste sites used incorrectly and against the rules
  • Fuel consumption of ships etc. factors.

Individual and Community Practices: How Can We Prevent Water Pollution?​

It is possible for each individual to contribute to the fight against water pollution by fulfilling his/her duty with a common understanding. One of the effective ways to control water pollution is to minimize water consumption. It is very important to use simple but effective ways in daily life, such as reducing the shower time as much as possible, not leaving the water on while brushing teeth, and using water to a minimum while shaving.

One of the other easy and effective ways that we can apply in home life and that can affect all water existence is to pay attention to the water used in the kitchen and the substances that mix with the water through the sink. Excessive water consumption in the kitchen, especially during the washing of fruits and vegetables, during the cleaning of the counter and especially during the washing of dishes, is a problem that can reach very serious dimensions. Washing foods with a small amount of water and paying attention to the use of saving machines more than hand washing is an extremely important step in preventing water pollution.

One of the domestic causes of water pollution is oil spilled into the sink. While it is possible to recycle the water coming out of the drain via the sink, removing the oils in this way renders the water completely useless. It is a solution to avoid the problem that the oils are not thrown into the sink, but accumulated somewhere and sent to the waste oil facilities. In addition, the use of natural fertilizers and organic products instead of chemicals used in agricultural activities is one of the methods of preventing environmental water pollution.

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