Smart Capital Taxi Project Started

Smart Capital Taxi Project Started
Smart Capital Taxi Project Started

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş is putting the promises he made before the election into practice one by one. Within the scope of the "Smart Capital Taxi Project", the prototype of which was previously introduced by Yavaş, the Metropolitan Municipality started the installation of free digital taximeters for taxis and an informative screen on the passenger seat. During the test process implemented at the first stage, free taximeters and tablets were installed in 100 taxis, and after the process, the system will be integrated into all taxis operating in Ankara.

Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş added a new smart city application to make Ankara compete with world capitals.

Yavas, who made the promises he made before the election one by one, implemented the "Smart Capital Taxi Project", the prototype of which was introduced before. In the first place, the Metropolitan Municipality completed the installation of free digital taximeters and an informatic screen on the passenger seat for 100 taxis in the Capital for the test process.


In the first stage, a digital taximeter and an informative screen were installed on the passenger seat of 100 taxi drivers who volunteered with the pilot application, and after the completion of the tender process, this system will be installed on other taxis in the Capital.

With the Smart Stop System, priority will be given to the taxis at the stop, and when the passenger calls a taxi via the mobile application, the next taxi of the nearest stop will be notified first. If there is no taxi at the stop, the passenger will be notified about the taxi.

Thanks to the project, taxi drivers will pay 65 percent less wages in the calibration and sealing processes made during the hike periods or after the accident. In the application, where daily, weekly and monthly reports can be calculated very easily, multi-language support will be provided with the Call Center system. In this way, communication difficulties between foreign customers and the taxi driver will be eliminated.

Thanks to the Vehicle Tracking System, the vehicle will be monitored 7/24 and the taxi drivers who have switched to the system will also be able to benefit from discounted fuel at the contracted gas stations.


Citizens who download the mobile application within the scope of the project will have the opportunity to call a taxi online.

Passengers using the taxi will now be able to see the distance they will travel, the time they will travel and the price they will pay, both through the application and through the informatic screen.

Upon request, passengers will be able to give the taxi driver a score from 1 to 5 and see all the information about the driver after the journey is over. Thanks to the 'Lost and Found Button' included in the Smart Capital Taxi Project, it will be easier to find the forgotten items in the vehicle.


With the application in which alternative payment opportunities will be offered in the upcoming period, it is aimed to provide more comfortable and safe transportation to the residents of the Capital, while the details of the project can be accessed from the address “”.

Taxi drivers who switched to the Smart Capital Taxi Project expressed their satisfaction with the application with the following words:

-Hasan Ayaz: “I have been a taxi driver in Ankara for 30 years. Thank you very much to our president for this application. Our taximeters were in the mirrors, and our passengers were also having trouble seeing. Now, from the screen in the back seat, our passenger can see where he will go, how much he will pay, how many kilometers per hour he is driving.”

-Tolga Ozturk: “It was an application that we expected and wanted. We would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, for making this application free of charge.”

-Imdat Tuncbilek: “I found the app great, very nice. It will provide convenience to more than 7 thousand taxi drivers.”

– Ibrahim Ozturk: “We will try the new taximeter system. Thank you to our mayor for this service.”

- Yalcin Gurbuz: “We have been waiting for this application for a long time, thanks to our president, it finally took care of it. We have 7 vehicles, and I think that when they are installed on all of them, it will provide serious convenience to all of our friends.”

-Oguzhan Kartalci: “Where our vehicle is, what it does, kazanwe will be able to see it. It's a good app.”

-Muslim Aydogdu: “We would like to thank our President Mansur. He never left the tradesmen alone, did not miss anything and helped us.”

-Ugur Doger: “The application will have a return and kazanWe think that it will be provided. Thanks to everybody for their exertion."

-Yusuf Tuncbilek: “We agreed so that our customers can travel more comfortably and pay more comfortably. We can talk about the pros and cons by using it over time. When the customer calls Başkent 153 or this smart taxi application when they have a problem, they will be able to see whether we have entangled them or not. I will be able to follow the turnover of the vehicle when I give my vehicle to another driver.”

-Volcano Bitter: “Our Mayor has started a very good practice, we trust him. Hopefully we will see the benefits of this system. We would also like to thank the tradesmen for their help during the pandemic period.”

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