465 Million TL Investment from Poliport to Kocaeli Port Area

465 Million TL Investment from Poliport to Kocaeli Port Area
465 Million TL Investment from Poliport to Kocaeli Port Area

Operating in the Kocaeli Bay Region, which is among the 10 largest ports in Europe, Poliport will increase its capacity with an investment of 465 million TL. With the investment, the liquid cargo storage capacity of 271.000 cubic meters is expected to increase to 436.000 cubic meters. Investments related to capacity increase will be put into use as of 2022.

Poliport General Manager Efe Hatay said that the incentive certificate, which will provide state support such as taxes, VAT and insurance premiums for the investment worth 465 million TL, has been published in the Official Gazette. General Manager Efe Hatay, stating that he has undertaken an important task in the company and has achieved many firsts for 50 years, said, “As one of the leading independent chemical storage terminals of the Kocaeli region, which is the epicenter of the region that produces 45% of Turkey's GDP, we provide full-time service to our customers. The increase in capacity will also contribute significantly to the regional economy," he said.

Poliport, a subsidiary of Polisan Holding, which has been operating for more than 50 years in the Kocaeli Gulf Region, which is in a strategically important position and is also the leader in terms of cargo handled, will increase its capacity with its new investment. bulk liquid storage service to its customers; Poliport, which also provides dry cargo and general cargo unloading-loading services and warehouse services, will make an additional investment of 213,000 million TL in the quay, pier and tank area.

Right to receive state incentives for investment in Kocaeli Bay Area kazanthey were

Poliport General Manager Efe Hatay said that incentives were received for the said investment. State support provided by the incentive certificate published in the Official Gazette with the notification of the Ministry of Industry and Technology; He stated that it includes 55 percent tax deduction, 20 percent investment contribution rate, 3 years of share support for the insurance premium, and VAT exemption.

Capacity increase will contribute to profitability and national economy

Stating that Poliport is the youngest and most modern port terminal in the Kocaeli Bay Region with the technology used, Efe Hatay said, "We have focused our investments on maintaining the quality of the service we have been providing to the world's largest manufacturers at the highest level and making a difference by using technology since the 1990s. we are running. Repairs and renovations at the tank sites, which we started in 2021, continue rapidly. We will focus on profitability in our port operations by commissioning our closed warehouses, whose pier and development activities continue, at the beginning of 2022. In addition, the AION Project, which we started for the commissioning of the port automation program in 2022, continues. While providing safe and fast solutions to the needs of our customers with our strategic investments, we aim to contribute to the growth of our region and country's economy as well as sustainable profitability.”

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