Virtual Journey in the Factory of the Future

virtual journey in the factory of the future
virtual journey in the factory of the future

Bursa Model Factory, a competency and transformation center realized under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), hosted 14th and 9th grade students from 10 different project schools in Bursa.

Bursa Model Factory, which was put into service by BTSO in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Industry and Efficiency and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), guides the digital transformation of businesses. High school students visited the Center within the scope of TÜBİTAK 4004 'Natural Education and Science Schools Support Program' within the framework of cooperation with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.


With the “Education 4.0 Science School for Industry 4.0” project, 50 students and project managers visited the Competence and Digital Transformation Center under the coordination of the Provincial Directorate of National Education and TOFAŞ Science High School. The Director of the Center, Mustafa Birol Aksel, received hands-on information about digital production and 4th industry transformation to the students who examined the center in the company of trainers and guidance teachers. Students had the opportunity to experience virtual and augmented reality with expert trainers at the center. Mustafa Birol Aksel pointed out that BMF is an eye-opening center for the future career journeys of children, especially at the age of choosing a profession.


Ramazan Karakök, General Manager of MESYEB, stated that the center was established under the leadership of BTSO with the aim of accelerating the transition of companies from Bursa to the new industrial transformation and said, “The discovery of our young people who will practice the professions of the future, seeing how the technological developments they have always heard about are implemented in the field of industry, is a very important step that can change the future of our country first and then for them. . Model Factories and schools in Turkey should cooperate more. Although Model Factory mainly aims to increase the speed of industrialists to keep up with digital transformation, it is very important for our students, who are the architects of our future, to visit these places and see how technology adapts to the industry and changes the work and productivity.” he said.


Project Coordinator Ahmet Akçelik and Training Coordinator Hakan Özkaynak stated that the visit to the Competence and Digital Transformation Center was very productive. Ahmet Akçelik said that the center is a great opportunity to experience and apply theoretical concepts related to lean production, energy efficiency and digital transformation of the industry. Akçelik said, “Our students, who visited the center aiming to accelerate digital transformation and had an idea about the application areas of technology, had the opportunity to experience virtual and augmented reality personally. I believe that the center gives our students new horizons.”

With the project, of which Ege University, Uludağ University and Bursa Technical University are stakeholders, it is aimed that 14 students from 50 different schools will see all stages of a product, from the project idea to the R&D development, from the production line to the marketing.



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