9th Bosphorus Film Festival Applications Started

Applications for the bogazici film festival have started
Applications for the bogazici film festival have started

Applications for the competitive sections and industry section of the 23th Bosphorus Film Festival, which will bring together the productions that have attracted attention and won awards in the last period of Turkish and world cinema, with the audience between October 30-9, are open.

The application process for the 23th Bosphorus Film Festival, which will be held between 30-9 October by the Boğaziçi Culture and Arts Foundation, with the support of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cinema and TRT's Corporate Business Partnership, has started. The deadline for the applications of the National Feature Film Competition, National Short Film Competition and Bosphorus Film Lab for the festival, which has brought the audience together with films in the movie theater since its first year and where all screenings were held physically with social distancing despite the adverse conditions of the pandemic process last year, has been set as September 24. The regulations and applications of all competitive sections to be held within the scope of the festival can be accessed on bogazicifilmfestivali.com.

100.000 TL for the Best Domestic Film of the Year!

One of the films that will take place in the National Feature Film Competition of the 1th Bosphorus Film Festival, to which films completed after January 2020, 9 can apply, will be entitled to receive the 100.000 TL awarded for the Best National Feature Film Award. In addition to this, awards will be given in the categories of Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

In addition to the category awards, the FILM – YÖN Best Director Award in the national competition and the FIYAB Best Producer Award by the Film Producers Professional Association (FIYAB) to support independent cinema and producers who successfully carry out all the processes of a film will be another prestigious award for the films in the competition.

International Films to Have their Turkey Premiere at the 9th Bosphorus Film Festival

All of the films that took part in the International Feature Film, International Short Fiction and International Short Documentary film competitions, which will feature the most talked-about examples of world cinema, won awards and acclaimed at festivals, will be screened at the 9th Bosphorus Film Festival for the first time this year by moviegoers in Turkey. will be followed.

The Development Process of the Projects Will Continue with Bosphorus Film Lab!

The application process has also started for the Pitching Platform, Work in Progress and First Cut Lab at the Bosphorus Film Lab, the industry-oriented activities and project development section of the festival.

Film projects at the production or idea stage can participate in the Bosphorus Film Lab, which is organized with the corporate partnership of TRT and aims to contribute to the development of films in Turkish cinema and to provide financial and moral support for young producers and directors to produce new films. A project to be included in the Pitching Platform will receive the TRT Co-Production Award, while another project will receive the Postbıyık Color Editing Award. Projects within the scope of Work in Progress will also make presentations for the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism Special Award and the CGV Mars Distribution Award.

The Importance Given to Short Films Continues This Year

Support for the production of short films, which has given great importance since the first year of the festival, will continue in its ninth year, and the National Short Fiction Film Competition and the National Short Documentary Film Competition will be held. Experimental, animated and fictional films with a duration not exceeding 20 minutes are eligible for the National Short Fiction Film Competition; Documentary films with a duration not exceeding 30 minutes will be able to submit their applications to the National Short Documentary Film Competition. One of the films that will take place in the fiction category will be deemed worthy of the Young Talent Award given by the Istanbul Media Academy.

All films in the competitive short sections of the festival will also be nominated for the Ahmet Uluçay Grand Prize.



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