SSI social security assistant auditor will make the recruitment

SSI to Recruit 50 Assistant Social Security Auditors

Social Security Institution Presidency will be employed in the provincial organization of the institution, and 50 social security assistant auditors will be recruited through an entrance examination in the General Administrative Services class. Two-stage entrance exam, written and oral exam [more…]

Gogus Enlargement Operations

Breast Augmentation Operations

Today, breast augmentation operations are one of the most preferred aesthetic operations of women. This operation, which is frequently performed in our country, gives very successful results. The purpose of this operation is to enlarge breasts that are structurally small, underdeveloped or have shrunk after birth. [more…]

bursaray expeditions will continue throughout the feast
16 Bursa

BursaRay Expeditions Will Continue Throughout the Holidays

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has taken every precaution to ensure that the Ramadan Feast, which is experienced during the closing process, in a safe and peaceful atmosphere within the scope of combating the pandemic. Rail System and Bus Management services within the boundaries of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

d marine is entitled to receive safe tourism certificate
09 Aydin

D-Marin Qualified for Safe Tourism Certificate

D-Marin, which has taken into effect procedures at international standards within the scope of pandemic measures, was entitled to receive a "Safe Tourism Certificate". D-Marin thus became one of the first companies to eliminate the negative effects of the pandemic and meet the high hygiene and safety expectations of its guests. Pandemic process [more…]

Aksener dudullu made examinations at the metro line Kayisdagi station
34 Istanbul

Akşener Investigated Dudullu Metro Line Kayışdağı Stop

Meral Akşener, Chairman of the İYİ Party, made examinations in the Dudullu Metro Line Kayışdağı Station and the warehouse area. Akşener was accompanied by the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem İmamoğlu. Meral Akşener made the following statement after his investigations: “Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]

Ford Otosan Production Week Starts Early
41 Kocaeli

Ford Otosan Starts Production 1 Week Early

Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.Ş notified the activities of its factories. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the following information was given: "In our special case statement dated April 14, 2021, in addition to the continuing global problems in semiconductor supply, [more…]