Level Crossings Will Be Solved in Batman

Level Crossings Will Be Solved in Batman
Level Crossings Will Be Solved in Batman

Governor Hulusi Şahin, who took action to prevent traffic accidents from time to time at the level crossings of the State Railways, which divides the city center of Batman into two, examined the level crossings with State Railways officials.

Our Governor, who started a work to prevent traffic accidents in the level crossings of the State Railways of approximately 12 kilometers in Batman city center, has been rooted in problems, especially in order to ensure vehicle and pedestrian safety and to make the traffic more fluent, by building lower and upper pedestrian crossings, especially at level crossings where vehicle and pedestrian traffic is intense. He stated that they aimed to bring solutions.

In the examinations of the level crossings, to Governor Şahin, General Directorate of State Railways Maintenance Department Ersoy Ankara, Deputy Head of Maintenance Department Soner Baş, TCDD Legislation Branch Manager Suat Ocak, State Railways Malatya 5th Regional Manager Ali Seydi Felek, TCDD Malatya Maintenance Service Manager Mahmut Civan was accompanied by TCDD Diyarbakır Maintenance Manager Ramazan Yurtseven.



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